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July Focus Group Winner

Eva Luna 2016 Garda

Cabernet Suavignon & Csabernet Franc Blend

The decision was virtually unanimous! 
This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc is spectacular! 

As a second generation producer in a region that her father Sergio Zenato put on the map, Nadia Zenato and her mother Carla Prospero created Evaluna out of a deep love but also deep knowledge of the area. Evaluna (Eve + Moon) evokes the passion and a long practice in the vineyard sites of Lake Garda by the Zenato family. Evaluna in name and intent endeavors to break the mold of what is considered possible in a land of diverse agricultural abundance.

Customers like that this wine would not only hold up to heavy flavors and cold weather foods but could also be chilled for a summer dinner. Eva Luna offers an opportunity to really taste the cabernet grape without the full throttle of a California bottle or the vegetal flavor, not always completely pleasant, this variety can show.  This wine is very flavorfull yet light.

Some of our BEST Participant comments:

"Full bodied but light."

"Not too overwhelming for a red."

"Yes! So MF good. Summer."


Most participants guessed price to be between 1$18 and $20 or higher. Eva Luna is $15.99 @MetroWines.


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