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Judgement of Paris - 40 Years On


So you may or may not realize, but American wines were not always as well regarded as they have come to be today. While we may have an infantile wine industry in comparison with Europe, wine has been produced in this country for hundreds of years and has really come into its own in the last 100 years. It wasn't until the British wine merchant, Stephen Spurrier, decided to create a blind tasting of wines from both California and France in 1976 that American wines finally garnered much of the international respect that they deserved.

To make a long story short there were 10 white wines and 10 red wines tasted with half of each hailing from both California and France. Much to the suprise and disappointment of the French, American wines won both categories! Chateau Montelena won the white category with their 1973 Chardonnay and the red category was won by Stags Leap Cabernet Sauvignon. For a further and more elongated story, enjoy these links:




Here at Metro Wines, we have wines from both Chateau Montelena and Stags Leap and infact we also have some of the same wines that were entered into the competition! If your interest has been peaked, come on by Metro Wines and let us tell you more about these amazing wines!


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