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Hero: Dog. Wine.

This is (also) What a Hero Looks Like


*** KUNO ***

Celebrate the bravery, commitment and courage of KUNO with a wine from a winery
that has been through some battles and maintained their commitment to their goal of quality.
de Lorimier, Preston Ranch, Alexander Valley, 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon.

** deLorimier is The Big RED of The Week **

Bravery medal for hero British Army dog that took out an Al Qaeda sniper

deLorimier Winery, located in Alexander Valley, is part of the Wilson Artisan Wineries.
While deLorimier escaped, two of the other wineries in the group were destroyed in the California Fires. 
deLorimier Winery has been practicing sustainable farming techniques for many years.
Wilson Artisan Wineries works toward the goal toward continued  sustainability offering quality wines
along with a commitment to the environment for the benefit of future generations. Sustainable practices
are realized in many forms, but primarily through water conservation, recycling, use of organic growing practices including encouraging pest control through attracting raptors in our vineyards.

Deepest crimson like a rare red diamond, this wine shines with vitality.  The swirl releases faceted aromas
of black currant, light tobacco, toasted oak and hints of chocolate torte.  The firm acidity and strong tannins
fill the palate with a juiciness, while a pale violet compound soothes.  This perfect compound
of acidity and tannins blend for form this classic Alexander Valley Cabernet.  $27

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