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Greek Olive Oil, Wine, Books, Film!

*** It's ALL Greek to Me ***

Daily Olive Oil May Contribute to Heart Health 
says The Journal of the American College of Cardiology

Reported by The American Heart Association here: 

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Shop 100% Olive Oil @MetroWines
Many Big Box Brands contain a substantial amount of lesser oils
of no value to your health but offering some solid padding where you least need it.
You need 100% olive oil.

Sparta Kefalas, Greece, Organic

Greek Olive Tree Adoption Unique Gift from Kalamata Free | Etsy

750 ml (like a wine bottle) $14.99
In the small village of Kefalas, near the city of Sparta in Laconia,
a group of organic farmers lovingly produces this extra virgin olive oil.
The fertile land of Laconia and the natural methods of production
give the olive oil the flavor and aroma which allows you to discover
the beneficial and nutritious value of the Mediterranean Diet.
or Go Bigger!
3 Litre Can, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $43

Another source of health and vitality is Mastic,
cultivated in Chiros:

From The MetroWines Book FYI Department

Along the French Riviera in the early 1900s, an illustrious family in thrall
to classical antiquity builds a fabulous villa—a replica of a Greek palace, complete
with marble columns and frescoes depicting mythological gods.
The narrator of this brilliant novel calls the imposing house an act of delirium,
“proof that one could travel back in time, just like resetting a clock, and resist the outside world.”
This is a Greek epic for the modern era.

And Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon conclude their culinary journey in Greece!

Your Greek Wine to Pair with All This Great Greek Stuff

Δουλουφάκης Dafnios Λευκός

Pale golden color. Medium intensity aromas of yellow and citrus fruits,
which are combined with a little more intense aromas of chamomile, jasmine and spices.
Full and rich flavor presenting the tasting characteristics of apricot and flowers.
Very pleasant, balanced acidity and fine finish. An ideal companion to soup of chickpeas
with lemon sauce or salad of boiled chickpeas with herbs.

 $18.99 at wine.com (how do they stay in business?)

Caravaggio and Wine
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