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Hogwash, Poderi Elia Barbera, Wolffer Rose' Hard Cider, Lovo Cabernet Sauvignon, Gavi

100% Grenache, California, Beckstoffer
   Hogwash Rosé started when Tuck Beckstoffer was invited to a co-host a charity barbeque. Tuck thought it would be fun to create a wine especially for the event. Tuck had been experimenting with making rosé from a special Grenache vineyard in the Central Coast of California that he thought would be ideal for a rose that paid homage to the rosés from the South of France and yet distinctly California in style.
    The reception to the wine at the event was so positive that he started making small quantities of the wine for distribution. Hogwash Rosé is salmon-pink in color with fresh and lively aromas of rose, raspberry and orange zest. Flavors of lemon, mandarin, honey & just ripened peach.
Poderi Elia 2014 Barbera D'Asti

Poderi Elia has the highest altitude vineyard site in the world famous
Barbaresco Wine Appellation. This affords the grapes maximum temperature variation, promoting  longer growing season and more complexity in the wines. Third generation winemaker Federico Stella is a master craftsman who enjoys allowing his old vines to speak telling the story of the land with each sip.

This Barbera d'Asti is fresh and bright, with aromas of ripe pomegranate,
dried mint and Morella Cherry. It is medium bodied and aged for 18 months
in French Oak barriques for greater richness and depth.

Out of the Box Macaroni and Cheese Pairing
Fiona Beckett, Wine Critic for The Guardian in London,
Says a Dry Rose Cider. We say Wolffer!

 Made exclusively from New York apples, Wolffer Rose Cider brings delicate floral notes with a blend of several apples including Jonagold, Mutsu, Golden Delicious, Gold Rush, Idared, and Northern Spy. To further the distinctive offering,
this cider was make with wine yeast and wine skins to give it that distinctive coloring.

This cider speaks to that perfect color palate, too, glowing with a shiny rose color. 
The floral notes are the first layer that begins to peel back into the more natural craft cider scents and flavors. A pleasantly clean and shaped cider finds the balance between carbonation, acidity, sweetness, and tannic qualities. 

LOVO 2016, Cabernet Sauvignon from Italy! $13.99 
(Macaroni and Cheese Approved)
This Cabernet Sauvignon cuts straight across the grain of the highly concentrated, heavily-oaked versions. Unoaked, it is remarkably
bright and clean, with a zesty-ness perfect for food.

Made in the Veneto by Winemaker Salvatore Lovo, and his daughter Silvia,
the two grow classic varietals of North-Central Italia, but also love to experiment. Vineyards planted in clay and volcanic rock. 13.5 alc.
Masera GAVI 2016, $11.99

(Macaroni and Cheese Approved)
  Clean and crisp, this 100% Cortese is from a single vineyard in Gavi. Exceptional value. Winemaker is known for limiting his yields to ensure wine is not overproduced or diluted.  These low yields and careful winemaking give this Gavi its intensity.
   Made from 100% Cortese grapes, this delicious white is both soft and crisp. With a pleasant stony backbone, this wine features notes of green apple, pear and a lovely, enlivening finish of white flower and white pepper. 
French Chablis Tasting with Winemaker
Vinho Verde Rose'

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