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Garofoli Kamaros 2016

The Marche is located in the central area of the country, bordered by Emilia-Romagna and the republic of San Marino to the north, Tuscany to the west and Umbria to the southwest with Abruzzo and Lazio to the south and the Adriatic Sea on the east. The Garofoli family has been producing wine since 1871 and is the oldest winery in the region. Maintaining the high standard of quality, the fifth generation of Garofoli took over wine production in September of 2005. 

Garofoli is a family business that has continued to grow with their winning combination of family tradition and innovation. Garofoli wines offer the kind of depth that presents as a crowd pleaser. Kòmaros Rose has been voted "best in country" more than once and is popular throughout Europe and has a place on the international wine map!

Pale pink color. Smells of red fruit and light spice. And on the palate you will find berries and raspberries blended harmoniously with the spicy undertones. 

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