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Garofoli Colle Ambro 2011

A blend of 70% Montepulciano and 30% Sangiovese, this wine has all the finesse you have come to expect from Garofoli. If you have tasted Garofoli Verdicchio of the Montepulciano Rose', you know what we mean. Quality. Affordable luxury. Gioacchino Garofoli founded the winery in 1901. Five generations of winemakers later still follow the same traditional and historic winemaking methods. From vines grown in the hills of Marche Region, the wine presents aromas of ripe, red fruit with scents of cherries and plums. medium bodied with that palate rolling feel that Garofoli has mastered. Winemaker says this wine can go 4 to 5 years in bottle.

A little internet research reveals that this wine is enormously popular in Germany. Going out on a Black Forest limb here but that could reflect German appreciation for lighter red wines. While this is no German Pinot Noir, it will work in warmer weather. Pair it with Garofoli Verdicchio and you have a meal!

BTW, we recently had the pleasure of meeting Daria Garofoli here in Asheville. She introduced us to her Montepulciano Rose' which has become a shop favorite. And she reminded us of this bottle which we used to shelve, rotated out for a while and brought back HOME! The point is that in talking with Daria, it is unmistakabley clear that the family is committed to letting the world know about the distinction and quality of wines from The Marche. Oh yeah, and Garofoli!



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