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"French Cafe" with Thomas Meunier @MetroWines

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News Release: Saturday July 21st, 2018

About: French Cafe @MetroWines
Thomas Meunier of AuthentiqueVin will host a "French Cafe" @MetroWines on Friday, September 7th from 5:30 to 6:30pm. 
Five French Wines will be paired with French cheeses, bread and charcuterie in The MetroWines French Cafe!
Thomas Meunier will share the history of the varietals, the philosophy of the winemaker and his personal stories working with the families involved in making the wines.
The evening is limited to 20 seated guests. You must reserve your seat and purchase your tickets prior to the date. Please call (828) 575-9525 or online here: 
What is AthentiqueVin all About?
“Authenticity”, a simple and humble word that sums up my conception of wine and life because, to me, both are so closely linked. As sales manager at a winery in the Loire Valley for the last 6 years, I had the chance to live in the heart of a family that has made wine for four generations. Thanks to them, I realized that behind a wine and our sometimes subjective, personal appreciation there underlies a family tradition, the force of the experience, the expression of a single personality that makes each wine different with its quality and defaults. In the end, all this makes it unique.
I have kept this understanding first while building my selection; finding true winegrowers that make no concessions, with distinctive personalities that are reflected in their wine. Authentic people that make authentic wine in a sustainable way which reveal the identity of a soil, a grape and a climate- the notion of Terroir.”
How Did Thomas Meunier Get Started in Wine?
Freshly graduated from an International Trade high school with a specialization in Supply Chain Management, I met my mentor, the vigneron Frederic Mabileau, during a trip organized by the sommelier/oenologue program I was attending. His interest in expanding the winery’s export markets matched perfectly with my professional goals and skills. For 6 years Frederic entrusted me with the entire communications and sells around the world. Here, I had the chance to fight for this tiny unknown appellation … a true learning experience. In addition, I had the chance to assist Frederic during the key moments of the harvest and vinification periods. I shared the fears, the joys and the hopes of a winemaker, while meticulously paying attention to every detail so he could reveal his expression of wine. Through this experience I developed my will to fight for the individual recognition of wines of character.
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