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February Focus Group Winner

Asheville Wine Focus Group 
February Winner 

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40% Grenache (aged in stainless steel vats) and 60% Syrah (5 years in oak) Blend. 
Rich and Fruity, The Asheville Wine Focus Group found this wine to be versatile.
Perfect for your table, parties or as a gift (especially chess players!

Teaching Moment: Vin de France
A small category representing the wines that either fall outside of appellation lines
or don’t subscribe to the law and traditions set forth by the French government within certain classified appellations, “Vin de France” is a catch-all that includes some of the most basic French wines as well as those of superior quality. The category includes large production, value-driven wines. It also includes some that were made with a great deal of creativity, diligence and talent by those who desire to make wine outside of governmental restrictions. These used to be called Vin de Table (table wine) but were renamed to compete with other European wines of similar quality.

Marietta Christo
Trip to Greece

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