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Fear Not Blaufrankisch!

90 Points 
Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

     "The wine is pure, fresh and skinny on the spicy nose, light, nicely pure, yet intense, and very authentic on the palate, where it reveals a good freshness, nice grip, great tension and finesse. This is a ripe and very stimulating Blaufränkisch with ripe and very fine tannins. What a classic!"

MetroWines Note: OK. Let's just be honest here. Not that any of us are shallow
or unsophisticated but to the American ear, "blaufrankisch" is a little, well, weird
if not downright scary. Kind of makes you feel like it might have something to do 
with Boris Karloff and a laBOREatory in Transylvania! 

If we knew the grape as Franconia, ahhhh Franconia, as they do in Italy, we would be thinking a train ride passing fields of colored flowers. Well, whatever, we would not
be thinking smoking glass vials and a hunched over guy in a white coat!

Try to get past the name. In addition to what Robert Parker said,
you will find this bottle of, say it, Blaufrankisch, to be something like Pinot Noir
with spicy notes. The wine has good body, engaging aromas and, while smooth on the palate, there is still what you might call a tang!


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