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Emily's Pick: Vermentino

*** STAFF PICK: Emily ***

The purpose of setting our our staff picks is for you to find the palate closest to your own.
If you find it, and you trust them! you might feel more comfortable venturing into a new grape, country or style.
So, this week, Emily is up to bat. Emily is a sommelier with years of experience in wine work.

Cardedu Nuo Vermentino, $19.99

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I chose this wine because I prefer wines that have a savory quality.
Cardedu Nuo Vermentino definitely has that savory bite
with hints of smoked pineapple,dried green herbs and sea salt.
I love pairing this wine with seafood risotto and other seafood dishes. 

Teaching Moment: 

Hailed for centuries as a Mediterranean vine-growing paradise, multiple cultures have ruled Sardinia.
Set in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Phonoecians, Ancient Rome, and subsequently
the Byzantines, Arabs and Catalans have all staked a claim on the island at some point in history.
Along the way, these inhabitants transported many of their homeland’s prized vines
and today Sardinia’s varieties claim multiple origins. 

Vermentino, a prolific Mediterranean variety, is the island’s star white.
Vermentino grows in Languedoc region of France (Rolle) as well as Italy’s western and coastal regions,
Liguria (where it is called Pigato), Piedmont (where it is called Favorita)
and in Tuscany, where it goes by the name, Vermentino.
But many, including Emily, say the best Vermentino, grows in Sardinia's northeastern region of Gallura
where its vines struggle to dig roots deep down into north-facing slopes of granitic soils.
These Vermentino vines produce highly aromatic, full and concentrated whites of unparalleled balance.

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