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Edvard Munch The Scream and Riesling

This Real Thing by Edvard Munch is fading!
Scientists say “The Scream” is fading due to human breath.
With the museum closed, the painting is getting needed social distance. 

An international team of scientists used X-ray light and other techniques
to investigate the reasons for the deterioration of the paint in the iconic canvas.
The scientists determined Munch accidentally used an impure cadmium yellow paint 
vulnerable to low humidity. It can fade and flake because of human breath!

As a result, bright yellow paint that Munch had originally used
for the sunset background, and the neck area of its tortured protagonist,
has gradually degraded into an off-white color tone. The thick yellow paint
that he used for the lake above the screaming figure’s head is flaking off.

I need a glass of wine!  But what? Not a lot of vineyards in Norway and almost no export of wine.

We know there is at least one vineyards growing Rielsing in Norway:
Wall Street Journal on Wine in Norway:

Contemplate screaming about The Scream 
and our own upcoming HOT days with a German Dry Rielsing.

Louis Guntrum Dry Riesling 2018 | Wine Info
Delicate fragrance of white peaches, apricot and juicy pears.

Impressive smooth palate, lasting flavors. Classical Riesling in expression and elegance.
At least you don't need to scream about the price: $17.99

BTW, Need a Challenge? The world's most northern vineyard for sale!

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