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Dog Zoom Etiquette and a Super Tuscan

*** Dog Etiquette for Zoom ***
Admit it, your dog has made an appearance, not always planned, on Zoom.
Even when isolation concludes, Zoom may be the future.
Might as well be prepared and teach the dog now!

Size matters in canine smarts - Technology & science - Science ...

This will require perseverance, patience
and the promise of a reward - for YOU!

Your Light at the end of The Canine Zoom Tunnel:
Poggio Anima Belial Toscana Sangiovese 2018

The name? One of the four crown princes of hell !You know the place, you were just there! The term roughly translates to "without yoke" in Hebrew.It is believed that Belial is the purest definition of lawlessness you know,like your dog on Zoom! 

Much of what is known as SuperTuscans is, some say, simply lawless. 
People blending international varietals such as Merlot with indigenous varietals....
This wine is 100% Sangiovese sourced from a single Montecucco vineyard. 
This wine puts the 'super' in SuperTuscan the old fashioned way, just good Sangiovese!
Winemaker, Riccardo Campinoti is a firm believer that wine is made in the vineyard. 
When he found these mature vines, he knew he had something special. 
The grapes were hand harvested and the fermentation included 2 weeks of skin contact 
to extract rich flavors and color. Aging in neutral barrels makes Sangiovese the star here.

Strawberry rolls into cherry with friendly, tangy acidity.
No new oak and highly gulpable. Serve with a slight chill,
(gulpable is probably the key word there!)

$15.99 and in stock @MetroWines.

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