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Does Amazon Bring Good Jobs


Dear Editor:

Does Amazon bring good jobs?


John Boyle’s well written column on Amazon focused on their jobs but missed the key drawback for our community. Yes, Amazon brings jobs with reasonable pay. But the real damage is that all of Amazon’s profits and most of their tax dollars are siphoned out of our local community, state and country. Amazon pays no federal taxes. And in many communities, they get breaks on income and property taxes while local businesses pay full freight. Local businesses spend or reinvest their profits here bringing far more jobs to our community than Amazon ever will.


In the long run, this means higher taxes for you to make up what Amazon doesn’t pay and fewer businesses in town to maintain the charm and vibrancy you moved here to enjoy. You get to decide what Asheville looks like. There are plenty of local businesses that provide many services that Amazon offers at a better price and/or offer equal or better pay. Please support them or Asheville will cease to be the place you love.


John Kerr

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