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Dear Paul Giamotti

Dear Paul, Can I call you that? (After what we have been through together, it only seems fair.)

On this, the season's opening of  "Billions," I write to you to ask for you help. I know in my purple heart that you could not have known what the lines they gave you to read in that movie would do, what harm IT would cause, what havoc IT would wreck, what IT would do to me! But it did. I cannot sugar coat it, Paul, I have never been the same since that day.
I love your work, Paul. I do. You were phenomenal in "John Adams," in "Billions" and even in the dreaded "Sideways" where IT happened, you were great.
But ten years after the movie, I was no better off. This is what I wrote on the anniversary hoping you would hear the pain in my voice, see the damage and take IT back: 
https://metrowinesasheville.com/wine-blogs/blog/entry/sideways-at-10 But, alas, nothing. I continue to wallow in this pool of unfairness.
And now I hear that you have confessed to Colbert that you know nothing about wine. Nothing! Is that fair?
You have a worldwide wood wine box with "Billions." If you say it, they will hear it. Please take IT back, Paul.
This is my humble suggestion. You and Bobby Axelrod share a glamorous meal over a bottle of Merlot. And you say "I love Merlot." That's all it would take. Three little words would restore me to my rightful place in the noble grape world. And just think of the press!
I remain your fan,
Bordeaux, Focus Winner, James Baldwin and Bandol, ...
Jon Tomaselli of Torii Mor, Dundee, Oregon