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Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of Wine,
and Junper Cooper of Mutual Distribution
*** Make the Case for Merlot! ***

We admit this is an ex-parte communication but Merlot was so persuasive:

Maybe You Don't Like Merlot. BUT, Maybe (actually, probably) You Do!

$25 Tuesday, March 19th from 5:30 to 6:30 @MetroWines

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Orin Swift
"The Prisoner"
Wine Pairing Dinner at Vue 1913 
at Omni Grove Park Inn

** Thursday, March 28 **

Call (828) 210-7813

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"A truly unique experience"

Winemaker Michele D'Aprix
and Andy Hale of The Asheville School of Wine
Present a Class & Tasting @MetroWines French Cafe
Tuesday, March 26th from 5:30 to 6:30 $25


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The Love Red grapes were harvested in the second week of September
to preserve the grape’s natural acidity. The Carignan and Syrah were both
whole cluster fermented and destemmed in concrete and stainless tanks.
The Valdiguié went under carbonic fermentation in stainless steel.
(The grape was at one time primarily grown in Languedoc Roussillon in France.
It has a Pinot Noir or Gamay like weight.)
Aged for 8 months in concrete and neutral French oak barrels.

    Winemaker Says: "We started making our Love Wines because we want to provide a more affordable everyday drinking wine to a larger market while still espousing the key tenets we believe in --- minimal intervention and sustainable farming. The Love wines are larger production blends by design. We still use only native yeasts and bacteria for fermentation with no additives or adjuncts, but we do choose to use trace amounts of SO2 at bottling. Each of the Love blends contain grapes from vineyards with varying degrees of intervention and the vineyards and blends can change with each vintage."

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Domaine Trotereau, located in the small appellation of Quincy in the Loire Valley,
was the second recognized appellation in France in 1936, second only to Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
Grapes had long been planted there with Sauvignon Blanc introduced by Cistercian monks
in the 12th century. Southwest of Sancerre, the sandy, silex-ridden topsoil with an undercurrent
of pink limestone is truly unique, unlike any other Sauvignon Blanc appellation in the world. 

As recently as fifty years ago, the wines of Quincy were more recognized in France
for their quality than Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé, and commanded a higher price.

Today the appellation has largely faded from recognition,
and only those in the know KNOW!


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100% Organic Mencia (pronounce: Menthia), $21
What's Mencia?
All about it from Wine Folly

  Mencía (“Men-thee-ah”) is a medium-bodied red wine grape that produces high quality wines with floral and red fruit flavors. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s not surprising, Mencía only grows in Spain and Portugal on the Iberian peninsula. What makes Mencía special is it has shown the ability to age like other fine wines and it offers rich aromas in the glass. If you love Pinot Noir, then Mencía is something worth investigating.

  Mencía contains high levels of a sub-group of aroma compounds called terpenoids which translate into lovely flowery aromas, strawberry, raspberry, black licorice, pomegranate and cherry sauce. When you look at a glass of Mencía, you’ll notice its deep red color with subtle hues of violet towards the rim. The color tells us that Mencía has high anthocyanin (the red pigment in wine). On the palate you’ll be greeted with peppery flavors of sour cherry, red currant and pomegranate along with a bitter cherry pit flavor which comes from the wine’s tannin. In the regions where it grows in Spain and Portugal, you will taste a subtle crushed gravel or granite-like minerality in the texture, which often contributes to its black peppery taste.

*** Pairings ***
Charcuterie, Steak au Poivre (pepper steak), Pastrami Sandwiches, Corned Beef, Pepperoni Pizza, Smoked Seitan, Barbecue, Wild Game, Roast Pork, Beef Brisket, Carne Asada, Dark Meat Turkey, Duck, Portuguese blood sausage, Chicken Fajitas
Monterey Jack, White Cheddar, Serra da Estrela (Portugal), Azeitão (Portugal), Idiazabal (aka Petit Basque), San Simon da Costa (Spain), Queso Iberico (Spain), Manchego (Spain), Tetilla (Spain), Ossau-Iraty (France)
Black Pepper, White Pepper, Nutmeg, Allspice, Clove, Anise, Fennel seed, Black Cardamom, Sichuan Pepper, Rosemary, Sage, Bay Leaf, Dill, Garlic, Shallot, Caraway, Dijon Mustard, Hickory, Savory Barbecue Sauce, Celery Seed
Mushroom Risotto, Portabello Mushroom Steak, Onion, Red Cabbage, Lentil, Wild Rice, Tomato, Stewed Apricot, Prune, Hazelnut, Bell Pepper, Olive, Artichoke

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100% Semillon is BACK! $18.99

Winemaker’s Notes: The grapes were machine picked in the cool of the night before
gentle pressing and fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The wine then spent a few months
on yeast lees to gain extra complexity and mouth feel.
Tasting Notes: A lifted nose showing citrus freshness, the palate continues with fresh citrus
and concentrated grapefruit flavors. The palate is light to medium bodied with
a perfect balance of fruit and soft acid.

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** Spring Game and Women Winemakers **
Wednesday, March 13th Starting 6pm

at Market Place


Call (828) 252-4162


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#1 By the Glass Pour at Curate, $24
A blend of 60% Samso, 20% Garnacha and 20% Syrah, this wine reflects
a specific terroir, La Fredat in Bellmunt del Priorat. A dense Picota cherry (Spain) red
in the glass. The nose is Mediterranean herbs, balsamic notes with black fruit.
The palate is rich and round, polished tannins and a long finish. It's all about the slate! 

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the mystery of Stonehenge may have been solved, Jeff Bezos says he is blackmail proof
(but has anyone see the pictures? to be honest, I do want to see where that money
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a study of Neptune reveals a BIG HOLE in our understanding of the solar system (yikes!)
Kellogg is working feverishly to prevent a Pringles shortage in UK,
NYT recommends Bob Berman's book "Earth Shattering" about cosmic calamities, and

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Join The Case Club @MetroWines
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Southern Italy Wine Class
Ciao Asheville Reflects on "The Leopard"

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