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Does wine have an expiration date? Some wines, even white wines
are bottled to age and,in fact improve with age. Coenobium, an orange wine
from Italy is such a bottle. Coenobium wants time in bottle.

$26 @MetroWines. Best price stateside.
Less in Europe but shipping is a dealbreaker!

Coenobium, Bianco | Astor Wines & Spirits
Built to last. Brett Watson says you can drink it now. But if you do,
uncork and let it breath for a day. If you choose to wait, 2-3 years
from the vintage date,2018 in this case, would be optimal.
Coenobium is highly allocated meaning limited distribution to each retailer.
Brett tells me MetroWines has every bottle in NC!

Frank Family Vineyards and Buzz Cuts
New Finds @MetroWines

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