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"Clay Baked" &MetroWines

Another Chow Chow Big Night and great engagement with the city for MetroWines on Saturday Night at East Fork Pottery.
"Clay Baked" at East Fork Pottery was an exceptional "hands on" experience and another ChowChow success! The event was structured to celebrate and experience the ancient tradition of clay for cooking and serving food. 
Toward that culinary goal, guests molded their own meal by wrapping the course in a leaf which was then molded in clay for cooking. In everyday cook's terms, the wrap looked like a burrito. Guests could initial the wrap so you could get your own wrap for dinner. 
To cook the wraps, guests placed each in a hot bed of coals while chefs  told the story of the history of clay. Clay was the first form of cooking and serving for meals. Concept of washing dishes did not exist. After the meal, there was a ceremony where diners would smash the clay ware. Little clay cups filled with a whiskey cocktail to toast evening and experience the tradition were passed around and guests did indeed smash the cups on the ground in front of the fire. 
The guests went inside to enjoy a meal beyond compare!
Grilled Mussels with Steininger Ried Loisium Gruner Veltliner (94 points), NC Jumbo Lump Crab with smoked tomato served with Caves de Donnas Nebbiolo Rose, Manchester Farms Quail with fig and pumpkin paired with Martin Woods Gamay from Willamette Valley, and Lamb Biryani and Horseradish Greens with FitaPreta Tempranillo Blend.
Guests could choose pairing dishes with wine or beer. Andy Hale and John Kerr of MetroWines both poured for guests and explained why these wines were the right match. As happened on Friday Night, lots of compliments about the wine pairings. 
Food writers, including Food and Wine, who interviewed Andy Hale (still in in his new Banana Republic suit but with a different shirt!) were crusin' the well organized and culturally rich scene. Smokin'
The evening closed with Counter Culture Coffee made with just a touch of rose water. OOOOOOOO Baby!
All wines are available @MetroWines. Pick up a bottle and DIY ChowChow!
Focus Group Survivor!
"Brown in The South" &MetroWines