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Carpinus, Hungary

2017 from Hungary!

Istvan and Edit Bai farm 5 small, historically celebrated vineyards in Tokaji.
These prized plots are situated on the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, encompassing a myriad of wine growing soils. This cuvee is 100% Furmint.
While the grape is mostly recognized as a dessert wine, Carpinus is DRY.
This balanced wine presents orchard fruits, nuts, mineralogy and beeswax.
Furmint pairs with a wide range of spices and flavors.
(Personal Note: And, because of its slightly lemony taste,
Furmint can be served as a sorbet alternative. Do the different! Do Furmint!)

Almost nowhere in country. But on shelf in London and Netherlands!
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Make Hungarian Wine an Experience
with a Marcel Breuer Hungarian Chair!

The Hungarian born architect and designer Marcel Breuer created the B3 chair inspired by bicycle frames. In 1927, he launched the sequel: the D4, that folded!
The D4 has been reissued in cobalt blue canvas at MOMA Design Store in NYC.
In the first catalog of Breuer's tubular steel furniture, the D4 was nicknamed the Wassily after Bauhaus School colleague Wassily Kandinsky. Marketed as suitable
for patios, summer homes and gardens. Still a good suggestion in 2019!

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