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If you want to buy BIG for the holidays, don't let Big Box Fool You!
Lettie Teague's article in WSJ yesterday talks about hidden deals at Costco.
First of all, the nearest Costco around here is in Greenville.
Pricing and retail presence is different in NJ than WNC.

Let's look at 2 of the wines mentioned.
Rombauer Carneros Chardonnay was $39.99 (read $40) at Costco.
Same bottle is $41 @MetroWines. Worth a 50 mile drive for a dollar?
And if you buy 6 @MetroWines, the price comes down to $37 per bottle.
Now, you are underwater and 50 miles from home!
Same story with Austin Hope Cabernet. $53 at Costco. $54 @MetroWines!
Buy 6 @MetroWines, and bottle price to $49.

May Day!

Call Your Local Independent Merchant FIRST and SAVE!

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