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Bouffant and Wine

Amidst All This Bad News, New York Times Brings us Good News

** The Bouffant is Back! **

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Celebrate the Bouffant and Binge The 1970s Mary Tyler Moore Show in the Bunker
The 7 seasons stand the test of time. I have high comedy standards.
And don't just ask me, ask Joan Jett! Here she is reviving the theme song in 1997:


Your Watch it ALL With Bottle?
You need something traditional but built for Bold. Cutting edge.

Sometimes it takes courage to say you like Rosé 
But as the Charles and Charles Bumper Sticker says:
"Yes, you can still be a Bad Ass and Drink Rosé"
Binge the Bouffant with Giacometti
Kermit Lynch Import

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Three generations ago, when Laurent Giacometti purchased a derelict, sprawling vineyard and estate
in the middle of the Désert des Agriates, the previous owner handed him the keys and dryly told him,
“Welcome to the village where it’s always raining somewhere else.” For centuries, agricultural plans
and projects failed in this aptly named desert, and the Giacomettis struggled for many years as well.
It took more than three decades of organic farming and persistence for vines to learn to go deep,
away from the parched and sea-salt-crusted surface. A blend of 75% Niellucciu and 25% Sciaccarellu.
This rustic, pomegranate-tinged year-round rosé is for the table, not the pool.

$23 or more online
$19.99 @MetroWines

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