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Big Red: Carmenere Blend


2015 Carmenere-Syrah-Malbec
ElQui Wines, Chile

Elqui is a transversal valley bordering the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Atacama Desert on the north, and the Andes Mountains to the east. Here, a cool breeze blows eastward across the Humboldt current, which flows from Antarctica north past Chile and Peru. These evening breezes cool the vineyards and lower night time temperatures almost 40 degrees, creating wonderful natural acidity in the grapes. The proximity to the Atacama, makes rain in this region extremely rare, extending grape growing season by 6 weeks more than other               South American regions.

Elqui 2016 Carmenere - Syrah - Malbec

Fresh with a substantial nose offering plenty of dark fruits, some currant and a minty, almost menthol hint. Young, and vibrant with loads of smooth tannin, earthy elements and elegant minerals, building into a lingering finish.

$17.99 at wine.com (they have no shame)
$16.99 @MetroWines

Aside from the good taste, evidence mounts that wine,
in moderation of course, may be good for you.
A study of 56,048 Danes over 23 years confirms the positive effect of flavonoids on cardiovascular disease and reduced mortality from "the C word." Where are flavonoids? Tea, chocolate, RED WINE, citrus fruits, berries, apples and broccoli.

But don't believe me! Don't even b eleven the Danes.
Ask the National Institute of Health! NIH Scientific Paper on the positive effects of flavonoids in wine here:

*** But wait, there's more! ***
The BBC reports polyphenols in wine may also have health benefits.

Etna Rosso
Loafers and Wine? But not just any wine!