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Beyond Politics and Vouvray

Beyond Politics


WSJ reports that "the mini manbag" is finally here!
Should it be?
A giant Amazon center is slated for construction in the Rhone.
Is this a step too far?
Apps can help you speed-read. They say clear that pile of books!
But is this why you brought them?
Italians plan to 3-D print an exact copy of the 17 foot statue
of David by Michelangelo at the Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence.
The US - China Trade War Gets wrapped up in twist ties.
That metal twist thing has convinced us that we can't tie a knot anymore!
Is it time to just deep six the metal thing? Is it worth a trade war?

*** Your Discuss it ALL Over Wine ***

Vouvray Sec 2018
Chenin Blanc, Loire Valley, $18.99

Domaine de la Robinière - Raimbault Bel-Air Vouvray Sec | Wine Info
The Producer says: Vin de bonne maturité aux senteurs de fleurs blanches
avec des notes vanillées. Frais et ample aux arômes fruités de pêches,
d'abricots et de miel. 

Google Translate says: Good maturity wine with scents of white flowers
with hints of vanilla. Fresh and ample with fruity aromas of peaches,
apricots and honey. 

Mediterranean Food and Wine
Peirano Cabernet!

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