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Barbera del Monferrato


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The Kangaroo Court of Master Sommeliers
just won't cry "uncle" on lurid charges of discrimination.


Do you have E-Charisma? Tips on improvement.
  (In other words, the "kavorka")
The futures here. It won't be long before you can smell the coffee! (literally)
The Battle over Carbohydrates Rages
Should Americans get half their calories from carbs? As the U.S. government
revises its dietary guide lines, battle lines are being drawn.

from-carbs-two-camps-battle-it-out-11606150740 (One word: PASTA!)

Asheville chosen #7 of 10 Top Places to Retire by money.com
https://money.com/best-places-to-retire-2020/ (Now what?)
And a Chinese Robot has Landed on the moon.

Your Discuss it Civally Wine
2018 La Casaccia Giuanìn Barbera Monferrato
Organic. Extraordinary.

La Casaccia Giuanìn Barbera del Monferrato | Vivino
$16.99 at Vivino (I would say thanks for the bottle shot but I am starting to feel guilty)
Websites with hundreds of bottle shots, at least one employee to manage
the site, box packaging and shipping is expensive. Shop your local merchant and save.

$14.99 @MetroWines. 
Always a "SOMM in The House" to answer questions!

Blind Tasting League- Virtually
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