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Author Mary Doria Russell and Wine

From The MetroWines Book Review Department:

The Women of the Copper Country

(Name Dropping Alert: I have had the honor and pleasure of hosting
a book signing event for Mary Doria Russell at my home in Washington DC.
Mary is not only a literary genius and success - like I need to say that!, but also
warm, charming, fun, and she has the best black pencil skirt EVER!)

From the bestselling and award-winning author of The Sparrow comes
an inspiring historical novel about “America’s Joan of Arc” Annie Clements—
the courageous woman who started a rebellion by leading a strike
against the largest copper mining company in the world.
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Continuing with the pioneering women theme,
"Your Read it With Bottle"
is Glenelly Cabernet Sauvignon, Glass Collection, 2016. 

$19.99 at Vivino. 
$14.99 @MetroWines! Price Pioneers!

Image result for glenelly cabernet 2016
Glenelly Estate in Stellenbosch was purchased by May de Lencquesaing, former owner of Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse deLalande in France. This Cabernet Sauvignon delivers a classic Bordeaux profile, with bright, tangy acidity, excellent structure, fine tannins and perfect balance. A core of pure blackcurrant and dark cherry fruit, and notes of dark chocolate, herbs and spice.

Inspired by antique glasses from May de Lencquesaing’s private collection, Glenelly’s Glass Collection celebrates the parallels between the art of making wine and the art of making glass. Both glass and fine wine come from poor soil, and just as the glassblower breathes life into glass, the winemaker’s love gives life to wine.

“Since my childhood in the heart of Bordeaux’ finest vineyards till today,I have travelled the world and discovered the amazing diversity of terroirs. On my first visit to Stellenbosch I knew that this was where I wanted to fulfil my dream of starting a new adventure outside of France. In 2003, and after visiting many vineyards, I recognized the amazing potential of Glenelly.
I also believed in continuing the French heritage of wine making in South Africa going back more than three centuries.

My vision is to establish Glenelly as a world-class estate, producing award-winning wines with power, elegance and balance.”

*** But Wait. There's More! ***
From The Ciao Asheville Book Review Department:

Mary DORIA Russell has an Italian Heritage! 

Mary Doria Russell is also the author of "A Thread of Grace," the little-known story of the vast underground effort by Italian citizens who saved the lives of 43,000 Jews during the final phase of World War II. 
"AThread of Grace" puts a human face on history."

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NPR on "Thread of Grace"


"Your Read it With Bottle"
is Ventale Valpolicella Superiore 2016
Imported by Frederick Wildman&Sons 14.99

Hand picked fruit, aged in 70%Oak, 20%Chestnut and 10%CherryWood for 18 months and then a few months in bottiglia (bottle). A blend of Corvina, Corvinone, and Rondinella sourced primarily from vineyards in the breezy Illasi Valley, the name Ventale is inspired by the Italian word for wind.
A medium bodied red with a touch of cranberry tartness and red cherry.  Fresh vibrancy with velvety tannins make this the perfect "drink it with bottle."

Fattoria La Valentina Tasting
Spiked Ice Cream!

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