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Artesa Albarino, Amy Poehler and a Movie

*** Breaking News ***

Only once before have we sent out a "Breaking News" email mid-week.
We struggle with whether to bother you. But John, who is way more judicious than me,
thought it was appropriate to let you know the what's going on.

What's UP?
"Wine Country" the new movie by and with Amy Poehler is streaming on Netflix today.
You might be saying Ok, but what's she big deal? 
Well, The movie was filmed at Artesa Winery in Napa.
Some of you have tasted Artesa Wines when Laurence Vuelta was here last year.
Well, Amy tasted the Artesa Albarino at the winery while filming and LOVED it. Really, really LOVED it!

Review: Amy Poehler makes a fizzy but uneven directing debut with ‘Wine Country’
Amy, who knows from whence she speaks as she is part owner of Zula, a wine shop in Brooklyn, said this:
"The Albarino was fantastic. I'm trying to think of a better word. The Albarino was.....the Albarino was playful, daring and not afraid to cause a scene and I was all in on that. Loved it. Highly recommended."

But Still, Why is this Breaking News?
Because, outside of California, North Carolina is the only state who has Artesa Albarino and MetroWines
is one of the few stores that has it on the shelf and certainly the only store in Asheville and points beyond.
We expect a rush on this wine and we are working to garner as many bottles as we can but right now,
What you see is what you get and we wanted you, if you want it, to get it.

We will be pouring Artesa Albarino to taste from 5 to 7 this afternoon @MetroWines
but bottles are for sale all day!

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But WAIT, There's More!
The movie is a comedy about six 50ish women who take a trip to Napa to celebrate a 50th birthday.
It is a film that celebrates female friendships in middle age.
Amy said: "Most of the women I'm around are in the big squeeze, young kids, aging parents."
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