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Almost FREE Friday: Flaco and Lima, part deux

Our brute of a wine boy that we know as Flaco Tempranillo joins the light but feisty Lima Vinho Verde for Almost FREE Friday and Stand UP Comedy. The two have been flirting but this is their first night out together. It's an arranged marriage but we think it works. Come see what you think. $10 for a glass of Flaco or Lima or bottle of beer and The Metro Show, 7pm Friday!


FLACO Tempranillo 2012  Wine Spectator, 87 Points

FLACO is a product of Vinos de Madrid, that is, the vineyards around the capital city. The area offers an intriguing wine growing region for the Tempranillo grape which, in large part, forms the backbone of some of the finest reds made in Spain. From the Arganda District a little southeast of Madrid, the vineyards sit on clay over granite subsoil at about 2400 feet. The elevation makes for what we have come to know and love in our wines, that stark difference in day and night temperatures insuring the gradual and balanced maturation of the fruit.

At $8.50, FLACO is one of those wines where you would probably not guess the price in a blind tasting and, then, once knowing, you really must ask how do they do it for that price? Part of the price is that Madrid is not yet known as a grape growing region. and cannot command a high price, yet. But that's what we do here @Metro Wines, look for great values, sometimes, as here, in lesser known regions, before mass marketing drives up the price! And Vinos de Madrid is about to go on wine radar.

Tempranillo is a thick skinned, youthful, almost playful grape. Flaco is aged in a combination of stainless steel and cement tanks to bring forth that exuberance. Uncork and give a little air. On the nose, you will find plum and earth. The flavor could be described as exotic flashing around tastes of clove and black licorice with berry, baked plum and a touch of vanilla lush and big on the palate. Carrying the clove all the way, the finish closes with cherry. An easy drinker all alone, Flaco can also make food sing. Potluck perfect, it would be hard to find a reason to dislike Flaco, and it sure wouldn't be the price! Buy it by the case. At $8.50 a bottle with a 15% discount, Flaco is, you know, almost FREE.

Ah yes, again, the name. Word has it that Flaco means "dude."


Lima Vinho Verde Loureiro, 2011, Portugal

Perfect with Pulpo a la Gallega. Let's come back to that. Moving on..

From the Paco de Cardiddo Vineyard, this wine is dry. Yes, dry. This crisp and fruity wine is 100% Loureiro, a Vinho Verde wine from Portuagal. Loureiro means "laurel" referring to the bay leaf scent that marks the grape. Loureiro, a light skinned grape with excellent acidity, is becoming the popular choice for Vinho Verde wines but historically Trajadura and Pederna were the go to grapes.

From Loureiro grapes grown in rocky composition soil, LIMA is light and floral with high mineral acidity. Pale lemon yellow in color, you will find lemongrass and Mediterranean herbs (Metro Wines Tasting Panel loves that!) on the nose. Citrus fruit with a splash of white tea and minerality is on the palate and the feel is full working down to a long and refreshing finish.

The winery suggest that this wine pairs perfectly with Pulpo a la Gallegas, a dish made with octopus. Eric Ripert has a good recipe via youtube if you just happen to have an octopus that you have not put to good use. But should your kitchen be one octopus short, LIMA is great with all the usual suspects: crustaceans, fish, chicken, salad, Asian Spring Rolls, and a perfect way to say goodbye to summer.

The name? This from the importer, Wine Bow: This Vinho Verde is named for the legendary Lima River in Galicia. During Roman times, invading solders avoided this river as it was said to be the incarnation of Hades’ memory-erasing Lethe. Today, vines flourish along its banks, among them the Loureiro that composes Lima Vinho Verde. Cold fermentation in stainless steel tanks creates a wine with excellent acidity and a freshness that will be hard to forget. 



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