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Almost FREE Friday 2/7


Mondavi Chardonnay

Say what you want about Mondavi but it was Robert Mondavi who broke ground in Napa blending the best of modern and traditonal wine making methods from France revolutionizing California winemaking. Mondavi has maintained a consistent quality for decades. Just because Mondavi is BIG, and he is, does not mean the wines are bad.  Many years ago, yours truly met Michael Mondavi at a lunch in Baltimore. Besdies his striking good looks and charm, he was clearly passionate about winemaking and the family name. Read: we won't put "Mondavi" on just any bottle. On the lighter side, he also said that being a Mondavi is the best of all celebrity worlds. No one knows him on sight on the street but call for a restaurant reservation under the name Mondavi, well, you get the point. Gina

Kendal says this about this Chardonnay: Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Chardonnay is grown in the cool climate of the southern Napa Valley. It delights the palate with fresh pear and ferment in barrel as well as in stainless steel to maintain brightness. French oak-barrel-gaing, including sur lie aging, creates a memorable creamy texture. 

Bright, enticing fruity aromas-Juicy Honeycrisp apple, citrus-laced Asian pear, ripe melon and fresh quince- are intermingles with vanilla scented creme brulee, subtle minterality, and traces of warm hazelnut and clove. These elements segue seamlessly to the palate, offering a lush creamy mouth feel impeccably balanced by crisp, mouthwatering acidity.

Over $20 elsewhere in town, we offer this bottle of Napa Valley Chardonnay from Mondavi at $10 on Almost FREE Friday. THIS is Mondavi!!! Say what you want about Mondavi but say it with respect.




Almost FREE Friday Red, 1/7
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