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Domaine Christian Bellang et Fils Bourgogne Aligote:
In French:
Le Bourgogne aligoté est un vin blanc, tout en fraîcheur, comme la brise de printemps. Bon enfant, un rien impertinent, fruité, il s'habille d'or pâle. Son bouquet est floral (acacia, aubépine) ou fruité (pomme). En bouche, ce vin tendre et coulant désengourdit les papilles sur des notes noisettées qui se déclarent en finale. 
And for the rest of us, this translation:
The Bourgogne aligote is a white wine, while freshness, as the spring breeze. Good child, a nothing impertinent, fruity, he is dressed in pale gold. Its bouquet is floral (acacia, hawthorn) or fruity (Apple).  In the mouth, this wine soft and flowing.
OK. So much for google translation. The point is that this is a beautiful, aromatic, full flavored wine. 
What we say:
Bourgogne Aligote is a light white wine. In Burgundy, residents drink Aligote young as the wine does not age as well as other whites. The name Aligote is used only in Burgundy but winemakers are allowed to add up to 15% Chardonnay grapes. With the flight to Chardonnay, production of Aligote has decreased over the years. Pale gold in color, lemon and apple on the nose, Bourgogne Aligote is a virtual spring breeze. While the wine is abundantly companionable, it retains its independence with flavors including hawthorn and acacia and notes of hazelnut, that will tickle your taste buds
Metro Wines Tasting Panel suggests serving Bourgogne Aligote as an aperitif. At dinner, the lively flavor profile of this wine is a perfect match for grilled fish and the citrus notes stand firm against the saltiess of oysters or to a strong goat cheese. Although a tough competitor, Bourgogne Aligote will not overpower salads, tabouleh or steamed vegetables. And if you are going French for dinner, this wine pairs well with the traditional cold ham and parsley.
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