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Where to Find Penfolds La Grange Near Chestnut Street InnPenfolds La Grange, a deep, rich wine synonymous with Australia, is a must-try. The most coveted wine on the continent is Grange, which is produced by Penfold, the oldest wine company in Australia.

Where to Find Penfolds La Grange Near Chestnut Street Inn

Penfolds La Grange Wine

Officially recognized as a South Australian Heritage Icon, Grange is undoubtedly the most well-known wine in Australia. Shiraz grapes that are entirely ripe, flavorful, and structured are used to create the wine, which takes on a distinctive Australian taste and is currently regarded as one of the best in the world. 

It is no wonder that Bloomberg states that “Unlike most of the world’s iconic reds, it’s a multi-vineyard, multi-district blend, yet it has a distinctive personality—and a great story.” 

You might detect notes like licorice, soy and malt, burnt vanilla marshmallow, dark chocolate, and supple oak subtleties if you enjoy sipping on a glass of Grange. Mouthfeel is creamy and silky with a tannin-induced "rusty" edge.

The winter and spring in South Australia's wine regions are chilly and somewhat damp. This reduced the requirement for irrigation by providing the vines with plenty of soil moisture during the growing season. Rainfall during the summer extends the growing season and helps postpone harvest.

The warmer, drier weather is ideal for grapes to finish ripening, develop a deep color, and show off their distinctive varietal characteristics.

The Chestnut Street Inn - A Perfect Getaway

The Chestnut Street Inn is a unique bed and breakfast located in Asheville, NC. Home to an incredible collection of restaurants, nightlife, music, beer, and outdoor adventure, the Chestnut Street Inn is a great home base for a getaway in the area. 

The inn has a very storied history, at one point hosting the famous writer Thomas Wolfe, whose uncle JM Westall originally built the inn. During the ’60s, the inn was a home for unwed mothers. 

When the current owners, Arturo and Emilie, purchased the inn, they had just come off the heels of running their first bed and breakfast in their East Village apartment. Since then, they have perfected the art of hosting guests, event planning, and more!

Find Penfolds La Grange at Metro Wines

Just around the corner from the Chestnut Street Inn is home to one of the best selections of wine in Asheville. Metro Wines has just about everything you could ever desire when it comes to wine, including Penfolds La Grange. 

Our shop is full to the brim with everything from simple table wines to some of the best wines in the Asheville area. Also, if you are staying at the Chestnut Street Inn but don't have the desire to come in, we offer delivery options and curbside pickup.

In addition to our incredible selection of wine, we offer a variety of wine classes and tastings, as well as social events and more. Watch out for forthcoming events, weekly tastings, and special occasions on our website.

Contact us for more information or stop by our shop for a tasting and browse our wide selection of wine today.