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interior of estatePeople visit the Asheville area for a variety of reasons.

The tallest mountains east of the Mississippi River surround our region. There are hundreds of thousands of acres of protected forests in western North Carolina. Tourists can find adventure just minutes away from any place they would stay. 

The Vanderbilts chose to develop their huge estate near the junction of the French Broad and Swannanoa Rivers because of the beautiful weather, clean air, and beautiful surroundings.

The picturesque Biltmore Village, previously known as Best, was built by George Vanderbilt as a company village for estate workers. Its architecture was created to resemble that of a small English town.

A hospital, school, retail businesses, and a railroad station were all part of Biltmore Village. The village's church, the Cathedral of All Souls, is still operational today.

Historic Biltmore Village, now totally contained within the city boundaries of Asheville, is at the top of many visitors' lists of attractions to see in North Carolina.

The Biltmore Village Inn Bed and Breakfast 

If you are visiting Biltmore Village, make sure you stay somewhere you will have the full turn-of-the-century experience. The Biltmore Village Inn Bed and Breakfast strikes the perfect balance between charm and elegance. From their website:

“Located in a beautiful Queen Anne home built in 1892, our bed & breakfast was once the home of Samuel Reed, George Vanderbilt’s private attorney. We strive to preserve the unique history of the property while offering each guest the finest in modern luxuries. With its views, unbeatable location, and rich history, the Biltmore Village Inn is truly a hidden gem of Asheville.”

The Biltmore Village Inn allows you to travel back in time to what drew the Vanderbilts to this area in the first place. At the same time, you are never more than a short walk or drive to all the contemporary restaurants, art galleries, museums, and shopping centers for which Asheville is famous. 

Giuseppe Quintarelli Wine Near the Biltmore Village Inn

When you are not exploring the Biltmore Estate or Biltmore Village, you may want to enjoy a bottle of wine with your closest family and friends at the Inn. Born in the Valpolicella wine region of northeast Italy, Quintarelli wine is among the most enjoyable in the world. 

Per Vincarta:

“Quintarelli should be on any wine buff’s bucket list. It is one of the best wineries in the world and the best in the Valpolicella wine region. Giuseppe Quintarelli is the godfather, if not the parent, of Amarone.”

Where can Biltmore Village visitors find this prized Italian wine? Metro Wines in Asheville has you covered. 

Giuseppe Quintarelli Wine at Metro Wines in Asheville

We think that wine is about community, family, and friends at Metro Wines. We offer a large assortment with small-town service in our store. And our prices are not only competitive but often better than what you might find on the internet! 

If we don't have what you're looking for, we'll make every effort to locate it for you.

You can find a wide range of your favorite wine, such as Giuseppe Quintarelli, at our downtown Asheville wine shop. Contact Metro Wines or visit us if you’re in town visiting the Biltmore Village Inn Bed and Breakfast.