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Where to Find Château dYquem Sauternes Near The Spa at Omni Grove Park InnLooking for a romantic getaway in the Asheville area? The Omni Grove Park Inn, located in Asheville, is one of the most celebrated resorts in the country. 

Often recognized for its elegance and southern charm, this historic inn has been visited by ten U.S. Presidents as well as countless characters from the worlds of art, entertainment, sports, and politics. This historic resort has attracted everyone from Thomas Edison to President Barack Obama, among others. 

In addition to its renowned guest list of the past, the resort is set against a backdrop of the magnificent Blue Ridge mountains and is near several well-known restaurants. On-site, there is a Donald Ross-designed golf course, an expansive tennis and fitness center, spacious convention facilities, and an award-winning spa.

Spa Day at The Omni Grove Park Inn

If a day relaxing in numerous mineral-based pools among cavernous rock walls, arches, and tunnels sounds like a good time, the Spa at The Grove Park Inn is perfect for you. With inhalation rooms, saunas, and fireside lounges, you can enjoy one of Condé Nast Traveler’s top resort spas in North America.

In addition to the pool room, you can also relax with:

  • A variety of luxurious facial treatments using classic European techniques.
  • A massage with an antioxidant-rich wrap.
  • An experience in a multi-sensory wellness pod.
  • Several massage techniques, including aromatherapy, deep tissue, and stone massages.

About Château d'Yquem Sauternes

A great way to end the day after a relaxing spa day at The Omni Grove Park Inn is by cozying up to a bottle of Château d'Yquem Sauternes. Château d'Yquem Sauternes wine is a true gem in the world of wine, known for its exceptional quality, rich history, and unparalleled craftsmanship. 

Situated in the prestigious Bordeaux region of France, Château d'Yquem has earned its reputation as the pinnacle of Sauternes wines and stands as a testament to the art of winemaking.

What sets Château d'Yquem apart is its unique production process. The vineyards are meticulously tended to, and only the finest grapes are hand-harvested from the Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc grape varietals. 

What truly distinguishes this wine is the presence of noble rot, a beneficial fungus called Botrytis cinerea. This noble rot shrivels the grapes, concentrating their sugars and flavors, ultimately giving birth to the extraordinary character of Château d'Yquem.

A bottle of Château d'Yquem is not merely a wine; it is a work of art, a testament to centuries of winemaking mastery. Whether you are a passionate wine enthusiast, a collector seeking a rare gem, or someone looking for an extraordinary experience, Château d'Yquem Sauternes wine will captivate your senses and leave an indelible mark on your wine journey.

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