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cambria hotel downtownSummer is a wonderful time of year in Asheville, NC. Tourist season is in full effect and downtown is buzzing with life and energy. Brimming with plenty of independent shops, fine restaurants, and incredible nightlife, it is no wonder that Asheville is famous for its quirky vibes. 

The Asheville Art Museum, Pinball Museum, Grove Park Arcade, and Thomas Wolfe Memorial are just a few attractions located downtown. Grab a coffee and catch a drum circle in the park or check out a favorite band at one of the city's many music venues or clubs. Asheville has it all. 

Cambria Hotel Downtown Asheville

If you genuinely want to get to know the wonderful city of Asheville, NC, a downtown stay at the Cambria Hotel is a sophisticated way to do so. Asheville is chock full of incredible experiences, craft beer, fine wine, and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Located in the heart of downtown, the Cambria reflects the modern style and southern charm of downtown Asheville.

Whether you are staying for a quiet getaway or part of a private event, having access to great wine is always a plus. And Bond Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is, in fact, a great wine to accompany your stay in Asheville.

About Bond Estate

Bond Estates began in 1983 when the famous California Vinter Bill Harlan began his first venture at Merryvale Vineyards.  As he grew his vineyards, he also expanded into the now famous Harlan estates. 

As they found success, they began releasing new wines, and in 1997, the inaugural Bond vintage was established in the Harlan Estate’s winery. Eventually, a dedicated winery was built for the BOND project, and over time its portfolio expanded to include five wines, all of which are grand cru in quality.

Bond Wines currently come from 5 vineyards across the Napa Valley. They include:

  • Melbury produces wines that offer rich spice and violet aromas. 
  • Pluribus vineyard grapes have a subtle cedar fragrance, racy tannins, and a pleasant acidity.
  • Quella Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon vines lend to a very structured wine
  • St. Eden vineyard’s vines produce wines with high acidity and deep flavors
  • Vecina vineyard’s unique volcanic solid results in wines that have a high concentration of tannins and color.

Where to Find Bond Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Near Cambria Hotel Downtown

If you are enjoying your stay at Cambria hotel, but are looking for a way to experience the fullness of luxury, look no further than a bottle of BOND Cabernet Sauvignon. You can order a bottle from Metro Wines for delivery to your door!