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 Where To Find Beaujolais Near The Village HotelFall time is a wonderful season of the year to explore the mountains of North Carolina, especially the area around Asheville, NC. Not only is fall in Asheville a wonderful part of the year, but it is also very romantic. If you are looking for a special place to stay in the Asheville Area, look no further than the Village Hotel at Biltmore, and don't forget to check out the local wine shop.

Staying At The Village Hotel At Biltmore

Biltmore is known for its vast estate, with sweeping views of the Blue Ridge mountains, an incredible onsite winery, and the US's largest private home. However, did you know that there are several accommodations throughout the property? These include:

  • The Inn at Biltmore
  • The Village Hotel at Biltmore
  • Cottages on Biltmore Estate

Each of these accommodations is super unique, and the Village Hotel at Biltmore is no exception. 

The Village Hotel at Biltmore is a charming and elegant retreat nestled in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina. Situated on the stunning grounds of the Biltmore Estate, this hotel seamlessly blends modern comforts with the timeless beauty of the historic estate.

The architecture and interior design reflect the estate's grandeur, featuring a blend of traditional and contemporary elements. The rooms are spacious and well-appointed and offer a luxurious sanctuary for guests, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating stay. 

Guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, explore the meticulously landscaped gardens, and even tour the iconic Biltmore House and winery nearby.

The Village Hotel at Biltmore offers a delightful blend of Southern hospitality, scenic beauty, and a touch of historic splendor, making it an unforgettable destination for travelers seeking a unique and enriching experience.

Explore the World of Beaujolais

Wine is always a good idea for your romantic getaway in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and wine from Beaujolais is always a top choice. Generally made from the Gamay grape, Beaujolais is a wonderful French wine that is produced by the semi-carbonic maceration technique.

Semi-carbonic maceration is a winemaking technique used to ferment grapes that results in a distinctive style of wine. This process involves a partial or semi-carbonic fermentation method, where whole grape clusters, or sometimes individual grapes, are placed in a sealed fermentation vessel, typically filled with carbon dioxide (CO2). 

The absence of oxygen in this sealed environment promotes an anaerobic fermentation process.

Initially, the weight of the grapes on the bottom of the vessel crushes the grapes, releasing their juice. The grapes at the top, however, undergo intracellular fermentation due to the presence of CO2. In this phase, the fermentation starts inside the intact grape berries, where the yeast present on the grape skins triggers the conversion of sugars into alcohol, producing a small amount of carbonic acid.

After a period of several days to a couple of weeks, the weight of the grapes increases due to the pressure from the released carbon dioxide. This pressure eventually causes the grape skins to break and the juice to flow, transitioning the fermentation to a more traditional alcoholic fermentation. 

At this point, the grape juice from the broken grapes ferments further and combines with the juice from the intact grapes.

The resulting wine tends to be fruity, fresh, and vibrant, with lower tannin levels and a softer mouthfeel. It often exhibits bright red fruit flavors and can have characteristic bubblegum or banana-like aroma due to the carbonic maceration process. 

Semi-carbonic maceration is commonly used for producing light and easy-drinking red wines, particularly in Beaujolais and sometimes in other regions known for their youthful and approachable reds.

Metro Wines - Your One-Stop Wine Shop Near The Village Hotel In Asheville

At just under fifteen minutes away from the Village Hotel, Metro Wines is the perfect one-stop-shop for incredible wines, including everything from several different Beaujolais’ to the finest of Bordeaux. Not only can you stop by in person, but our online store has all of our selections available, and we offer delivery! If you want to learn more, contact us today or stop by and say hello!