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when is wine ready to drinkSome say, the best time to drink wine is the moment you pull the cork. All kidding aside, there is indeed an optimum time for the wine to be enjoyed. Whether it be a high-dollar Bordeaux or a glass of affordable table wine, finding peak freshness and flavor will ensure the best experience.

In this quick guide, we will explain when a wine is ready to drink!

When Is Wine Ready to Drink?

Peak enjoyment depends mostly on the person drinking it. Personal preference is where you should start when discovering when you think that wine is ready to drink. Volumes have been written about aging and how long a wine should be held before being opened and enjoyed. At the end of the day, It is up to you. 

That said, aging recommendations can be useful, as some wine flavors increase and change over time, giving the opportunity for an even richer experience. Here are some factors to consider.

1. Tannins

Over time tannins will change the flavor, combining and softening, which will develop a pleasant silken texture.  If a wine has big, bold tannins, then you could wait a while before enjoying it.

2. Acidity

When a wine has higher acidity, aging can help mellow out and increase the flavor that acidity may cover up. For example, white wines with higher acidity will age gracefully due to the acidity protecting against oxidation. Chardonnay’s will taste more oaky and earthy as they age. 

How to Track Aging Wine

The best way to tell when a wine is ready to enjoy is to taste it! Periodically open a bottle that you are cellaring and try it out to see how it is developing. 

As your wine develops, keep a wine notebook or journal where you note the date and your thoughts and tasting notes. When a wine tastes to your liking, then it's time to open the other bottles and share it with your friends and family.

Wines to Drink Immediately

There are several types of wines that are meant to be enjoyed as is. Mass-produced and heavily processed wines most likely will not benefit from cellaring and should be enjoyed sooner rather than later. You should know that 95% of wine is made to be poured within one year of release.

Lower prices are good indicators of when to enjoy a bottle. The cheaper, the sooner.

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