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Total Wine Etiquette: Manners, Part 3 - RestaurantsFine dining is its own world, and the moment you introduce wine into that world, things can get a bit tricky if you are not used to it. Good etiquette is mostly expected, and knowing how to get around a fine dining experience without coming off as rude or uncultured is very important, especially when it comes to wine culture.

At Metro Wines, we believe that any restaurant experience should feel comfortable for all, from the wine novice to the most cultured wine lover. With this in mind, here are our top four suggestions for having a wonderful experience next time you order a bottle of fine wine at a top tier restaurant.

Total Wine Etiquette: Restaurants

1. Don’t Be Cheap

While it may be accepted, don’t order the second cheapest wine on the menu, unless it fits the characteristics and budget you have set for wine for the night. Just because it isn’t the cheapest, doesn't mean it’s good, and it definitely doesn't mean that it will pair well with your meal. 

When in doubt, ask your server what wine they recommend based on what you enjoy as well as what pairs best with your food. Not only will you have a better experience, but you may also get recommended a hidden gem that you would have never tried.

2. Ask Questions

Sommeliers and good servers who are enthusiastic about their work will be ready to explain almost anything about the wines available. While you are at it, don’t try to pretend you know more than you truly do. There is a huge difference between a wine enthusiast and a wine snob.

3. Don’t Sniff the Cork

As part of wine service at a high-end restaurant, the server will often hand you the cork after opening a bottle. While you can check to see if the cork is still moist (signaling whether or not the wine bottle was stored correctly), smelling the cork is mostly pointless, and a bit of a rookie move.

4. Order Wine as a Table

When ordering a bottle, work together with the rest of your table to figure out what characteristics everyone likes in their wine, as well as what they plan to order as their meal. This information can be helpful in determining what wine will work for the table. As the night goes on, take turns ordering for the group.

By sticking to the guidelines outlined above, you can be sure that you and your tablemates can have an enjoyable experience ordering wine at a fine dining restaurant. 

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