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Tasting eventsTotal Wine Etiquette: Manners, Part 2 - Tasting Events are central to the life of a true wine connoisseur. They are a wonderful experience that anyone can appreciate, but with the right mindset in tow, can be very impactful to the development of your palate.

However, one must follow appropriate wine etiquette when attending a wine tasting. No one wants to be embarrassed or come off as rude due to a lack of understanding of etiquette and manners. 

Every tasting event should, in our opinion at Metro Wines, be enjoyable for all those involved. In light of this, here are our top four suggestions for having a fun and polite experience at your next wine tasting.

Total Wine Etiquette: Attending a Tasting Event

1. Hold the Glass by the Stem

Wine glasses are shaped the way they are for a reason. One such reason can be found in the design of the stem, which should be held, especially during a wine tasting. 

When you hold a glass by the bowl, you warm up the wine. This can radically change the experience, impacting the flavor profile of the wine. When you hold the glass by the stem, you are no longer warming up the wine. Additionally, it allows you to easily swirl the wine, releasing the aromas.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Spit

This one is huge, especially if you are tasting a wide variety of wines. Of course, it may seem rude to spit out such a lovely beverage, but when you have a lineup of 7 wines, and you are in the middle of a multi-winery tour, keeping your wits about you is way more respectful than the alternative. Whoever is leading the wine-tasting event should have a spit bucket set up nearby to either spit or dump leftover wine.

3. Be Sure to Ask Questions

Wine educators and sommeliers who are passionate about their craft will be more than happy to explain just about anything (within reason) about wine. Want to know more about the differences between the two vintages? Have questions about the winemaking process? Feel free to ask away. 

4. Dress for the Occasion

Wine tastings are akin to fine dining in the sense that they can be a very exclusive experience. Also, getting dressed up is a fun way to make tasting events special, whether you are on a date with your partner, or out with your friends.

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