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Total Wine Etiquette How to Give WineAre you attending a dinner party and looking for the perfect gift? Wine is the ideal gift for any occasion, with a wide range of wines to suit any liking or price. 

As with any gift, the proper selection and presentation of a bottle of wine will go a long way toward showing how much you appreciate your relationship with the recipient. But before you go out and buy a bottle of wine, there are a few things you should know about wine etiquette.

Five Tips for Giving Wine

1. Think of Your Recipient 

When it comes to wine gift etiquette, knowing what the recipient enjoys is important. While you may be eager to offer your favorite wine to a friend or family member, your gift may fall flat if they prefer sweet or white wine. Think about the person you're giving the gift to

There are many types and brands to choose from, so even if they are picky and just want one type, there is still a large selection to choose from when purchasing.

2. Keep in Mind the Wine You’re Giving Is a Gift

When giving a bottle of wine as a present, keep in mind that it is intended to be savored at the recipient's leisure. If you're attending a dinner party, your host may have already chosen a wine that goes well with the meal. 

If you're going to a big party, one bottle of wine might not be enough for everyone, and the host might not want anyone to miss out on a toast.

3. Be Conscious of How Much Wine to Gift

Is the receiver a wine connoisseur who likes to pair wine with their dinners, or do they only drink wine on exceptional occasions? If the recipient regularly entertains guests, a couple of bottles would be much appreciated, and your kindness will be remembered long after the gift has been received. 

Otherwise, a single bottle that pairs well with their favorite dish will be enough. If you're attending an event with a partner, bring a bottle from each of you.

4. Consider the Season

Choosing the right wine for the season is an important part of wine etiquette. Of course, your recipient can enjoy the bottle whenever they like, but purchasing a bottle that corresponds with the current season can help your gift have a greater impact. 

For example, lighter wines like Champagne, rosé, and sauvignon blanc are ideal for the summer, while heartier wines like cabernet sauvignon and riesling are perfect for winter.

5. You Should Leave the Bottle Behind

Don't expect to take your unopened wine bottle gift with you if you attend a hosted party. Your gift bottle is a token of gratitude to the host for organizing such a lovely evening for you and your friends or loved ones. If you purchased the bottle to try it during the party, you should bring a second bottle for yourself.

How to Find the Ideal Gift Wine at Metro Wines

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