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total wine etiquette for hostsWith the arrival of fall weather and the festive season approaching soon, chances are you’ll be hosting a family gathering or holiday dinner party. A great wine to pair with courses is a must-have for the ideal evening and an opportunity to impress your guests. 

It’s not, however, as simple as choosing a signature wine and leaving it at that. Here are some total wine etiquette points for handling your wine and occasion like a professional host. 

Total Wine Etiquette: Hosting!

How Should I Receive Wine as a Gift?

Your main priority as a host is to make your guests feel comfortable from the moment they step into your home. If your guest shows up with a bottle of wine and doesn’t provide any instructions, it’s best to accept the wine, say thank you, and then ask if they’d like you to serve it with dinner. 

This way, your guests have an opportunity to confirm that it’s a hostess gift and that the wine can be uncorked that evening or stored away as you please. 

Offer a Range of Wine for Guests

A simple red and white wine is fairly standard, but having a variety of different wines for your guests to enjoy is what makes a wine-filled evening truly extraordinary. When hosting a wine party at home, try to create an assortment of different bottles of wine that your guests can choose from. It's an excellent opportunity to expand your guests' palates and discover which type of wine they prefer.

Choose the Right Wine Glasses

The taste of even the simplest wines can be enhanced when served in proper glasses. Choose clear stemware with no design or cuts, and make sure the glass has a steady base at the bottom of the bowl with narrow rims. 

Invest in something with a simple aesthetic with stand-out quality but will also age well and retain its sense of style over the years. 

How to Open and Pour a Bottle of Wine

First, open the wine by cutting the foul at the top or bottom lip. When you begin to pour wine, serve others before serving yourself. 

Hold the wine bottle toward the base, and as you stop pouring, turn the bottle toward you to prevent dripping. If you are about to finish off a bottle of wine, offer the people around you the chance to split the last pour with you. If they decline, then enjoy it for yourself. 

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