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total wine guest guideOn many occasions, dinner parties and bringing a bottle of wine go perfectly together. However, a bottle of wine presented to the host upon arrival could either be a gift for the host to enjoy another time or to be served at dinner. 

Metro Wines is here to help you with wine etiquette when it comes to bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner party to ensure that your wine will be appreciated and enjoyed properly.

Wine Host Gift Etiquette

If you're attending a dinner party, bringing a bottle seems like an obvious choice for a host gift. For starters, it's convenient to pick up on the way to the party, and it's something we'd be happy to receive ourselves. However, bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner party can cause an etiquette conundrum for your host. 

Unless your host has asked that you bring a bottle of wine to their dinner party, it's likely that they have chosen wines that will pair with the dinner. While most hosts wouldn't dislike the idea of you bringing wine, it's better to make it clear that your wine is intended as a "thank you" gift, rather than something that's to be served with the dinner they've planned and prepared.

Bring Wine to a Dinner Party Etiquette

If the host has instructed you to bring a bottle of wine, you should request the dinner menu so you can bring a bottle that will complement the meal. Another option is to bring a wine that is versatile and will pair well with everything. Merlot, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, and Dry Riesling are excellent choices for dinner parties. Sparkling wines are also a popular choice for special occasions. 

Estimate your cost per bottle based on the amount you think the host's dinner will cost. A $10 bottle is perfect if you're just coming over for some takeout and a movie. If you're invited to a five-course dinner, bring a $20 bottle of wine.

Metro Wines in Asheville, NC

With holiday dinners around the corner and fall party season ramping up, as a guest you want to make a fine impression. The best wines for dinner parties are the one's guests and the host will enjoy.  Metro Wines has a wide selection of wines with a focus on pairing the right wine with any dish or event.  

Our knowledgeable staff and sommelier are happy to assist you. Visit us in Asheville, NC, attend one of our classes or events, or browse our wide selection online.