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how to bring wine to a partyIf you've been invited to a dinner party, it might seem impolite to arrive empty-handed. For those who don't know what to bring, a bottle of wine may seem an obvious choice for a hostess gift. It's a great gift in a pinch, and you can pick it up on the way to the party. 

However, showing up to a dinner party with a bottle of wine may cause an etiquette conundrum for the host. If you plan to bring a bottle of wine, there are three things you need to know beforehand. 

How to Bring Wine to a Party

1. It Should Be Considered a Gift

The first thing to remember when bringing wine to a dinner party is that the wine should always be viewed as a "thank you" gift for the host. While the bottle you bring may be opened while you're there, you should never expect it. 

The host may already have a specific bottle of wine to pair with the dinner. Regardless, your gift is something that shows your appreciation for the work that goes into hosting a dinner.

2. Spend a Reasonable Amount

If you're uncertain about how much to spend on a bottle of wine, we recommend spending $10-$29 per bottle. The cost can be determined by the occasion and how much you think the host is spending on the dinner. 

For example, if the meal is extravagant and you recognize your host is going above and beyond in terms of what they are preparing, your bottle should be closer to $20 or even higher, whereas if you're being hosted for takeout and a movie night, a bottle closer to $10 is perfectly acceptable.

3. Know How Much to Bring

The decision to bring more than one bottle to a host's home depends on whether you are alone or with a partner, and whether you and the host drink an average or above-average amount of wine. Unless you and your host are big drinkers, bringing one bottle is appropriate. 

Always bring at least two bottles when visiting your host's home with a partner. If you and your partner aren't big drinkers, bringing one bottle of wine and an additional gesture, such as a bouquet of flowers or something sweet for dessert, is a perfect gift.

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