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many occasions for wineWine is not just for fancy celebrations or expensive dinner parties. Enjoying a glass of celebratory drink is for anyone who enjoys good wine and should be accessible for all, not just the wine snobs. 

Wine, by default, enriches events, enhances the flavors of food, and lightens the mood. Good wine is a magical thing. Even the Apostle Paul thought so. 

To show you just how versatile our favorite beverage truly is, we have put together a list of occasions and some of our favorite wines to pair with them. So, let us get to celebrating, shall we?

Great Occasions for Wine

1. Date Night With Wine

There is no better way to set the mood for romance than with a nice dinner and a bottle of fine wine. Or any wine, for that matter. Wine is one of the great social lubricants, and whether this is your first date or an anniversary dinner, a glass of wine is a great tool for eradicating nerves.

Also, when you order a finer wine, it can be a great point of conversation. Wine has a great heritage, and each bottle has its history. If your partner is a wine aficionado, wine tastings are a great way to try new things together while enjoying one another's company. 

2. Milestone Celebrations

Get out the bottles of champagne! It is time to toast to a New Year, Christmas, or a Birthday, etc. While not necessary, wine is perfect for celebrating life's great milestones. We have been celebrating important days since the time of Christ. 

One of the most famous stories of wine used for celebration is the Marriage at Cana in the New Testament when Jesus’ mother points out that there is no wine to drink at this massive wedding party. At this point, Jesus performs one of his early miracles and transforms “water into wine.”

Beyond that, wine was used for celebrations throughout the Renaissance and up until modern times. Wine is central to so much of the history of celebrations. Some of the most well-known celebrations include:

  • New Years Eve
  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Valentines Day
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings

3. Winding Down

There is nothing quite like a nice glass of wine after a long, tough week at work. A glass of wine is a great way to slow down and focus on the good things. The intentional practice of pouring a glass of wine, swirling it in its glass, and sipping it can be very meditative. 

To truly enjoy it, put aside your technology, get outside, and sit on the porch with a good book. There is nothing more relaxing than that.

Never Miss an Occasion

Life's great occasions are something not to miss. By being intentional and taking the time to enjoy a glass of wine at your next celebration, you can be sure that you will notice how much more incredible it can be. Wine is something more than just a fermented beverage; its heritage says otherwise. 

We at Metro Wines are fervently committed to bringing outstanding wines from all over the world to Asheville, North Carolina. We are a stand-alone wine retailer with a wide range of wines. 

We hold a variety of gatherings, workshops, and tastings. Visit us in person or online to learn more about Metro Wines if you're curious to learn more. We can't wait to see you.