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NotSoldinDC.com and MetroWines, LLC, Terms and Conditions

NotSoldinDC.com (NSDC) is a marketing website that presents wines for sale and shipping through MetroWines, LLC, at MetroWinesAsheville.com (MWA). MWA is a licensed wine retailer and wine shipper pursuant to the laws of The State of North Carolina. Any reference to NSDC necessarily incorporates MWA. All sales are effectively processed and shipping arrangements completed through the MWA website and pursuant to licenses issued to MWA and the laws governing MWA, LLC. We offer wine that, to the best of our knowledge, are not legally sold in the District of Columbia at the time of our offering to retail customers for shipping.

We at MWA are working very hard to make great wines imported by North Carolina importers available to retail customers. The NSDC website is both a mission to promote the great wines brought into this country by North Carolina importers and is part of our retail sales and shipping business at the brick and mortar shop, Metro Wines, at 169 Charlotte Street in Asheville, North Carolina 28801. MWA is organized and incorporated as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in the State of North Carolina and is licensed by North Carolina as a Wine Retailer and Wine Shipper which allows MWA to ship inside the State of North Carolina and to any jurisdictions in the United States that allow wine to be shipped inside their borders.

Law Governing MWA and NSDC Websites:

The laws of the State of North Carolina and any interpretations of those laws govern all MWA and NSDC operations as well as the content of the MWA and NSDC websites including any disclaimers, terms and conditions, or privacy policy. MWA can and may make changes to these websites at any time and for any reason. Should any provision be found invalid, all remaining provisions stand.

We want to insure that you understand and accept Terms and Conditions and, in particular, those that apply in these three situations:

  1. Minors visiting and engaging the site.
  2. Unauthorized copying and use of our stuff.
  3. Somebody using our site to talk mean, dirty or actionable about any person, company or organization.
  4. We do all that we can to ensure that the wines marketed through NSDC are not sold in the District of Columbia. However, until MWA makes or imports its own wines, MWA cannot unequivocally determine that these wines have not been sold, are not sold now or will not be sold at any time in the future in the District of Columbia.

The following terms and conditions apply to your engagement with the MWA and NSDC websites. Your use of the MWA and NSDC websites and services indicates that you accept these Terms and Conditions as applied to our services and business transactions with you and that this is a legally binding agreement between MWA and you. Please know that MWA may change these terms and conditions so do continue to review this page for any modifications. And please read our Privacy Policy as your use of the MWA and NSDC websites and services indicates your approval of the Privacy Policy.

Product: The State of North Carolina is home to many small import companies that seek out quality wines by smaller producers in this country and around the world. Because the import companies are small and often family owned operations, they may or may not have distributors around the country. We at MWA through our marketing site NotSoldinDC.com are making these great but limited distribution wines available to retail customers in the District of Columbia and to any other jurisdictions that allow shipping into their borders. MWA takes all necessary and appropriate actions to determine and insure that our product descriptions are accurate. But while we work hard to be completely accurate, we cannot guarantee that the information provided to us by any third party is truthful or accurate. If you find that a product is not as described, your remedy is set forth in our Shipping Policy on this website.

Pricing Policy and Sales: The MWA pricing policy is limited to wines that are ordered and sold through the MWA website and shipped by MWA. We are licensed to sell and ship to retail customers only and we make every effort to verify the purchaser of every transaction is as represented to MWA. There is no SALES tax on purchases or shipping to retail customers outside North Carolina. Customers inside North Carolina are charged applicable sales tax.

Shipping, Product Satisfaction and Loss: MWA takes orders over the NSDC website and fills those orders by shipping only, pursuant to our Shipping Policy, inside and outside North Carolina to jurisdictions that allow wine to be shipped inside their borders. MWA does not deliver. MWA ships wine via a common carrier, in most cases, UPS. You agree to the terms of the Shipping Policy when you make a purchase through this website. In accordance with that Shipping Policy, you accept the risk of loss for wine purchased upon our delivery of your order to our common carrier. Please review the Shipping Policy. That said, we will work with you to provide a satisfactory resolution to product or shipping issues.

Restrictions On Use Of Website Content: All content set forth on the pages of the NSDC and MWA websites including text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio and video clips and other features owned, controlled and licensed by MWA and are protected by United States copyright and trademark laws, and may not be copied or used without the written permission of MWA or presented in connection with any other product that is likely to cause confusion with the public or in any manner that discredits or disparages NSDC or MWA. Any unauthorized use of any content made available on the NSDC or MWA website may violate the United States copyright and trademark laws.

MWA allows you the personal, non-commercial, use of any image or content downloaded to one computer from the MWA website. You may not, however alter or remove any copyright or trademark notices nor may you use the content or image to disparage or discredit NSDC or MWA. You may not copy, modify, publish or use NSDC or MWA content in any way without written permission from MWA for sale or pecuniary benefit of any kind. MWA has no responsibility or liability for any damage resulting from any MWA content published by any means by any third party in violation of the MWA Terms and Conditions

MWA does not allow the NSDC or MWA websites or any internet site owned or operated by MWA to be used to solicit funding for any organization or to promote the business of any other individual or company without the direct and specific written permission of MWA. And MWA does not allow any content intended to promote the political campaign of any candidate or political party or group, or mass mailings.

The same restrictions and protections apply to any and all materials, products, services or software proved by a third party to MWA and used on the NSDC or MWA websites. All software and programs are either owned by MWA or licensed from its supplier for use and is protected by United States copyright and trademark laws.

MWA requires that any content you post must on NSDC or MWA websites be under your own name or an identity you have created but in no case under the name of or identity of any other person. MWA does not allow the posting on its website or any internet site owned or operated by MWA of any content owned by a third party or to which said third party has proprietary rights without the written permission of said party. MWA does not allow the posting of any content that is, obscene, libelous, or pornographic. It is within the discretion of MWA to determine if content violates this standard. MWA does not allow its website or any internet site owned or operated by MWA to be used to harass or threaten, including but not limited to content that is based on race, national origin, age, gender, religion or sexual orientation, any particular individual or group.

Reviews and Comments: MWA may allow you to post comments or reviews about our products or on the NSDC or MWA websites or other internet sites owned or operated by MWA. When you post a comment or review, you agree to allow MWA the right to use, reproduce, modify, publish, display, use to create new content or designs, or use in advertising or promotion of our products.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability: MWA makes every effort to ensure accuracy, truthfulness and merchantability of our products and website. However, MWA makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied concerning the operation of the site, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or the truth, accuracy or completeness of the content on the NSDC or MWA websites.

MWA will not be liable for any damages arising from the use of the NSDC or MWA websites or services. While MWA takes all necessary and appropriate action to secure our website from viruses or other corruption that could spread or cause damage to another computer, you should be aware that damage can occur whenever you interact with the internet. MWA cannot and does not guarantee that the MWA websites are free of viruses, worms or other destructive elements that can cause damage and VS cannot be held liable for any damage attributable to such elements outside the control of MWA. MWA shall likewise not be liable for any damages arising from the copying or use of any content or depictions set forth on any MWA websites. This includes but is not limited to loss of business, revenue down-time or data.

Your Account and Use By Minors: MWA requires that you establish an account under your name using a valid email address on any MWA owned and operated website. MWA takes all necessary and appropriate precautions to protect your information but you are responsible for choosing a smart password for your account and insuring that only you or those with your permission use your account. As such, when you use any MWA website, you accept responsibility for any and all activity in your account.

The MWA website and all information provide therein as well as services and products offered are intended for the use of adults of legal age as determined by the laws of the jurisdictions in which they reside. While MWA takes all necessary and appropriate precautions to insure those using the website are of legal age to purchase alcohol, compliance with the law of the customer’s jurisdiction is the responsibility of the person and company who deliver the product purchased on the MWA website to the customer.

Termination: MWA may, with or without cause or notice, terminate your MWA account associated with any MWA website and access to MWA services and products. It is in the sole discretion of MWA to determine whether to terminate your account. MWA will not be held liable for any damages that may arise as a result of such termination. Conduct that will result in termination includes any violation of the terms and conditions set forth on page or any other direct or indirect agreement to use the MWA website as MWA intended, technical matters involving communication with your computer that cannot be resolved or have or may cause damage to MWA, request from any law enforcement agency. You may request termination of your account at any time.

External Links: MWA may provide links to other internet sites on this website or other internet sites owned or operated by MWA. MWA does not warrant the products offered on these sites or guarantee the accuracy of any content offered on said sites nor can MWA ensure the availability and access to these sites. The link is provided to you for informational purposes only.

Contact with MWA through the NSDC or MWA Websites: MWA has published contact information on this website. If you choose to contact MWA through email, you agree to a response by email. You also agree that content set forth in an your email and any email sent to you by MWA constitutes a “writing” and carries the full legal weight as if the content were set forth in hardcopy under original signature.

Intellectual Property Rights Notice: The name and domain for NotSoldinDC.com and MetroWinesAsheville.com and our respective logos are registered with applicable agencies and all content, including but not limited to text, images is owned by MWA and is protected by copyright.

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