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Happy Birthday Cate


Happy Birthday Cate! Born to Flying Madam and Kiowa Sweet Trey on December 10th, 2003, Cate is 13 today!

It was a sad day at our home in Washington DC, just a short time after a gut wrenching loss, that Jerrie of The Greyhound Alliance in Chicago called us. Jerrie said they had a 7 year old girl, Cate, who needed a home. After being at the track all of her life, The Greyhound Alliance was hoping to find Cate a family who was open to a senior with a yard. That was us.

But we were still a pretty sad family. Jerrie said: "If we could find it in our hearts to give Cate a home, she would give us the peace and love we needed." We packed the car, loaded up our big boy greyhound, FourWheels, and drove from Washington DC to Chicago that day. We picked up Cate the next day, and started driving home. Jerrie was right. And we are grateful everyday to Jerrie and Rich of The Greyhound Alliance for trusting us with Cate. She took care of all of us and made FourWheels smile everyday.

Cate is a gracious, beautiful and confident girl. She is a constant source of friendship, love, and strength.

Happy Birthday, Cate. You are very loved.

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Goodbye Angela

This is Angela. She was a long distance family member in Illinois.

Angela passed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning.

She was a lovely and sweet girl and her family everywhere will miss her more than we can say.

Help give we gentle giants a HOME if you can.

         Your Shop Dogs, Cate and Bandit.



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Greyhound WINS 2016 Philadelphia Dog Show


Gia, a Greyhound, was named Best in Show at the 15th annual National Dog Show. (Bill McCay/NBC)

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade kicked off a day of annual traditions, but if you’re a dog lover, the real show began at noon. We’re talking about the National Dog Show.

Gia won Best in Show out of six other finalists including Ty, a giant schnauzer; Slick, a border collie; Timmy, an English springer spaniel; Chuck, a Pekingese; Rondo, a West Highland white terrier; and Clue, a Tibetan terrier (who, fun fact, is not actually a terrier). The seven finalists competed among a lineup of 2,000 dogs spanning more than 200 breeds and varieties. This was the statuesque Greyhound’s 44th brush with victory on the dog show circuit. Last year’s top prize was given to a Skye terrier named Good Time Charlie.

The National Dog Show is not quite as prestigious as the Westminster Dog Show, but people getreally excited about it for obvious reasons.

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Fire Threatens WolfDog Sanctuary

River and friends are under threat from the fire and smoke. Dogs are being evacuated. All this is expensive. Full Moon WolfDog Sanctuary needs help.

Take a look and help if you can. From Your Shop Dogs, Cate and Bandit



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Adopt DUKE

Duke is being fostered through Brother Wolf. He needs a home. Help if you can.

Duke's story:

Please contact Debbie ( for more information about Duke.

Duke is a love -- kids, other dogs, cats and pretty much everyone he meets. He is the most flexible dog I've ever known as far as being able to adapt to a new environment. Duke is a lab mix, 65-70 pounds and all legs -- possibly mixed with giraffe!  He's rumored to be 11 years old, but hardly acts it -- he manages stairs, the steep hill in my yard and jumps up on the couch. He has some arthritis in his hips that is managed with glucosamine and NSAIDs, and he is downright springy when he sees his leash come out or when he's trying to play.

Duke is house-trained and figured out my dog door on his own, and, boy, does he love his fenced yard. Not a big fan of crates or being confined in a small pen, but has been utterly trustworthy inside my house with my senior hound and my cat. Duke hasn't chewed anything or tried to get any tasty food off the counter -- an absolute gentleman!

He is a little oblivious to his size, so he may be a little overwhelming for nervous dogs or dogs who aren't playful. Won't you please consider giving this absolute love of a dog the retirement home he deserves?  Please contact me today to learn more about this sweet guy!

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