Police Dog Killed in Raid

Shop Dogs Stand in SOLIDARITY!

Photo of this hero from Twitter. The sotry:

A police dog named "Diesel" was killed during a police raid on Wednesday that targeted the suspected mastermind of deadly terror attacks in Paris.

The seven-year-old Belgian Shepherd was killed sometime during the seven-hour siege on an apartment in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis; Frenchpolice tweeted on Wednesday. 

Police posted a photo of Diesel and said, “assault and explosives search dogs are indispensable in the missions of the operators of the raid."

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Canine Veterans

Story from National Geographic HERE.

So, please honor Veterans today. ALL Veterans. This story is from last year when NYC Veterans marched with canine service members. Starts like this: 

Ryky came to the rescue of two injured American soldiers after their Humvee ran over a homemade bomb in Afghanistan.

Cila displayed steely nerves and savvy instincts while clearing suspected insurgents’ homes during nearly 100 missions in Iraq.

Now these dogs are having their day.

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For the first time, war-hardened canines will have their own float at the Veterans Day Parade in New York City.

“This showcases that age-old human-dog bond at its best,” said Ryan Hegg, deputy director of the United War Veterans Council, which runs the event.

Six military dogs and their handlers will be featured Tuesday thanks to the American Humane Association and a deep-pocketed veterans booster.

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Jon Stewart on the Farm

New York Times reports that Tracey Stewart will be opening a farm sancturary in New Jersey. Oh yeah!  The two page article in NYT Sunday Styles talks abot a day at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York and encourages more contact with animals. Your Shop Dogs are sending a check! Story starts like this:

WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. — Levi was lying blissed out in Tracey Stewart’s lap — at least I think he was, since a goat’s face is a bit hard to read. “He’s a little needy,” she said, explaining that he had recently been found sick and abandoned. The moment Ms. Stewart stopped petting him, he bleated deafeningly, leaving his pen to trail after her.

A few days earlier, she had been at the Emmys, watching her husband, the comedian Jon Stewart, accept his 11th award in the Outstanding Variety Series category for the last season of “The Daily Show.”

In glimpses of her on camera, she looked pained. “I hadn’t eaten in five hours and my feet hurt from the high heels,” she said. Now, at Farm Sanctuary in rural New York, she was beaming in her manure-stained coveralls.

Full Story HERE!

And check out Full Circle Farm Sanctury right here in North Carolina:

Take a look HERE!

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Sad Story of Wade Baker and his struggle with PTSD. And What "Honor" Did to Help.

John Boyle writes a moving and thought provoking article in The Asheville Citizen Times today about the sad case of Wade Baker. The story also tells of his friendhsip with his service dog, Honor. We post a few clips and link to the entire story. We hope you read it for all kinds of reasons. Your shop Dogs, Cate and Bandit.

William Woody of The Asheville Citizen Times took this picture of Honor:

In 2010, Wade Baker agreed to try a different tack, a program called Paws & Effect, a Des Moines, Iowa, nonprofit that raises, trains, and places service dogs with children and veterans with disabilities. Executive Director Nicole Shumate said she first met Baker in 2010 and then had a two-hour interview with him in 2011.


"It was very good for him," she said. "Otherwise he would've kept being that hermit. I can honestly say, without Honor, he would not have lasted as long as he did. Honor helped him that much. They were inseparable for four years. Everywhere they were together; they even slept together. It was just fantastic, their relationship."

Entire Story HERE

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"All Dogs Go To Kevin"

A new book is out the experiences of a young veterinarian. Might want to check it out. Your MetroWines Shop Dogs, Cate and Bandit. This is what Amazon says:

ALL DOGS GO TO KEVIN is a humorous and touching memoir that will appeal to anyone who has ever loved an animal or lost hours in James Herriot's classic veterinary stories. 

You can't always count on people, but you can always count on your dog. No one knows that better than veterinarian Jessica Vogelsang. 

With the help of three dogs, Jessica is buoyed through adolescence, veterinary school, and the early years of motherhood. Taffy, the fearsome Lhasa; Emmett, the devil-may-care Golden; and Kekoa, the neurotic senior Labrador, are always by her side, educating her in empathy and understanding for all the oddballs and misfits who come through the vet clinic doors. Also beside her is Kevin, a human friend who lives with the joie de vivre most people only dream of having. 

From the clueless canine who inadvertently reveals a boyfriend's wandering ways to the companion who sees through a new mother's smiling facade, Jessica's stories from the clinic and life show how her love for canines lifts her up and grounds her, too. 

Above all, this book reminds us, with gentle humor and honesty, why we put up with the pee on the carpet, the chewed-up shoes, and the late-night trips to the vet: because the animals we love so much can, in fact, change our lives. 

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Greyhound Racing to End in Texas!

Your Shop Dogs, Cate & Bandit, are smiling today! Galveston Daily News Reports:

Live dog racing will end next year at Gulf Greyhound, park officials say


Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2015 3:31 am | Updated: 8:49 am, Thu Aug 27, 2015.

LA MARQUE — Gulf Greyhound Park plans to end live dog racing by January, a halt following years of dwindling betting at the only full-time greyhound racetrack in the state.

The park blamed increased gambling competition, rising regulation costs and a lack of expanded gaming opportunities for the decision. Officials for the La Marque dog track hoped approval of historical racing machines — which allow gamblers to bet on replays of past races — could reinvigorate the struggling racetrack. However, lawsuits and opposition from state lawmakers have stymied efforts to rollout the machines, known by the brand name Instant Racing.

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Coco HOME in North Carolina

On this National Dog Day, we celebrate with this great story of hope and survival. Please enjoy and give someone a hug. Your Shop Dogs, Cate and Bandit.

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Wegman at Asheville Art Museum

This is a BIG DEAL. Wegman at The Asheville Art Museum. We are so proud. The Exhibit is about cubes and stuff. Whatever. It's way cool. Here's what we know below....

Your Shop dogs, Cate nd Bandit

Lean To

William Wegman

William Wegman is an art photographer noted for compositions involving his Weimaraner dogs in various costumes, poses and scenarios. Born in Holyoke, MA, Wegman started drawing at a young age and by age ten he knew that he wanted to be an artist. He received a BFA in painting at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and his MFA at the University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana in 1967. While his work has received international attention, it was not until he acquired his first Weimaraner dog, who he named Man Ray, that he achieved this success. Man Ray became so popular that the Village Voice named the dog “Man of the Year” in 1982. In creating these photographs, Wegman has the capacity to balance humor with strong formal composition. In these photographs one has the feeling that the dogs are willing subjects and active participants. In 1979, Wegman was invited for the first time to use the new Polaroid 20 x 24 inch camera along with Chuck Close, Jim Dine, Andy Warhol and others. This rare 5 foot camera produces large format “contact” prints renowned for their color and detail. Red Detachment is an example of his continued work with the Polaroid 20 x 24 camera. Linda Benedict-Jones, Executive Director of the Silver Eye Center for Photography describes the uniqueness of these images: “When most of us think about a photograph, we think of the possibility of having an infinite number of prints. What is so special about these 20 x 24 photographs is that there is only one print. When Polaroid calls them ‘unique’ prints, or ‘one-of-a-kind’ prints, they mean that they are good, but they also mean that there are no others! There is no negative with a Polaroid 20 x 24 print, and so the positive, or the print is the only image that exists.”

Entire story and link to The Asheville Art Museum HERE!

PS: A perfect day would be to see the exhibit and then stop at our shop, MetroWines on Charlotte Street for a bottle of Faithful Hound! Cate

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Uggie Sails On

"Uggie" the star of "The Artist" sailed on August 7th to the big film studio in the sky. Thank you Uggie for all the joy you brought.

Wiki says: Uggie was rejected by at least his first two owners as being too wild. He was about to be sent to a dog pound, but was adopted by animal trainer Omar Von Muller after his friends alerted him to the dog. Read about "Uggie" HERE!

You are missed, Uggie.

          Your Not So Secret Admirers, Cate and Bandit, Shopdogs @MetroWines

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Wet Noses Fight Weeds!

Connor, a one-year old cocker spaniel is taking on the battle against wild and invasive daisies in Australia. Keeping her nose to the ground.....

On a recent afternoon in Australia’s Kosciuszko National Park, Sally’s body tightens as she detects danger nearby. She senses her nemesis, Grim the Collier, lurking in the shadows. Her mission is to find and defeat Grim or risk a catastrophe.

What sounds like the characters and plot of a science-fiction novel is playing out here in the wilderness of Australia’s highest peak. Sally is a one-year-old black cocker spaniel, part of a new team of sniffer dogs engaged by Australian authorities to do battle against the evil weed.


But Sally isn’t looking for marijuana or other narcotics carried clandestinely through ports or airports. Instead, she’s roaming alpine land looking for orange hawkweed, a wild daisy also known as “Grim the Collier” and “Devil’s Paintbrush” that, if left unchecked, could spread rampantly and choke out other plant species.

Whole story HERE

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Fireworks Safety


Passing on a few tips from Greyhounds Only, but absolutely applicable to any family member!, for the 4th of July. We like a few drops of Rescue Remedy, a good movie like "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels turned up really, really LOUD (seen it 19 times, seriously, 19 times) pasta if possible, and a blanket to hide under! Be safe, Your Shop Dogs, Cate and Bandit

1. Exercise your greyhound during the day. If he gets a lot of activity early, he may be sleepier and more at ease in the evening.


2. Make sure your dog's ID tags are current. If your greyhound does get lost, it will help to both catch him and get him home to you if he is wearing a collar with proper identification. Use of a microchip will also help him get home safely.


3. Make sure your dog's collar or harness is properly fitted. If he does panic, he might squirm out of his collar if it is too loose. Also consider using a harness.


4. Keep your home/fences/gates secure. Especially if you are entertaining guests or if you are visiting a friend's house, be certain that there is no way your greyhound can bolt through an open door or gate if he panics.


5. Have an exit strategy. If you do have to take your dog to an event of any kind, have a plan to get him out of there if he can't handle the situation. Sometimes large crowds alone are enough to send a dog into panic mode.


6. Create a soothing environment. If you are home with your dog, close the windows and shades, and turn on the TV or music to drown out the sound of fireworks. Some greyhounds need to hide in the comfort of a closet or crate when they are afraid. Be attentive to his needs and flexible with solutions.


7. Use calming products. Many greyhounds benefit from wearing Thundershirts (also available in many pet stores if you need one immediately) when they are nervous. Others require a prescription calming medicine from your vet. There are also calming collars available at pet stores that can help soothe your greyhound.


8. Be careful with human food and alcohol. There may be a buffet of yummy finger food that contains items toxic to your greyhound. If necessary, keep him separated from the edibles. Also don't let him sample the cocktails.


9. Be aware of other dangers at the party. Citronella candles, glow jewelry, lighter fluid and matches are all harmful to your dog. Keep party supplies and party favors up out of your greyhound's reach.


10. Know which animal hospitals are open. Have the phone number to your regular vet ready, and know the phone number and location of your closest 24 hour animal hospital.

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Berry Hill


Gone June 11, 2010

My beautiful girl, Berry Hill, gone too soon. 

You were so loved. And you are so missed.


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Humans and Dogs in Sync with STRESS


According to a study at the Unviversity of Nebraska in Omaha, the bond between humans and dogs may be reflected in their hormones. Researchers found that participants, both handlers and dogs, in competitive dog trials had increased levels of cortisol. The study showed, listen up Bandit, the teams of dogs paired with men had higher levels of cortisol.

Just reporting the facts, Cate.

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Disabled Vets Join in Valor Games


This is a wonderful story about service dogs. I would love to be a service dog but the turh is that some bad stuff happened and it takes me time to get close, to trust. But Cate is amazing. She will walk up to anyone for a hug and gets a little hurt if they pass her by! Cate is special. And beautiful. (don't tell her that I said that part) She could be a service dog but she gets "overly excited." Cate has a long greyhound nose and can accidentally poke you pretty good. Anyway, our spirits are with those who can help and those who need help. Right now, we are trying to raise funding for homeless veterans in Asheville. Come over to our shop, buy a bottle of picpoul, and know that part of the proceeds, with a matching donation from my shop! went to help Homeward Bound help Vets.

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) — Laura Root's brow was dripping sweat as she pulled back hard on a rowing machine Wednesday at Duke University's Cameron Indoor Stadium.

The effort paid off for Root with a third-place showing during the second day of the Valor Games Southeast, a series of adapted sports for emotionally and physically disabled military veterans.

Root, a Navy veteran, was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in the middle of her military career, and had to retire. She's had some tough times in the past two years, but the Valor Games have been good medicine.

Entire Story HERE.


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Paws on a Mission

And if you needed more proof, New York Times has posted scientific evidence that the look of love is REALLY in the eyes of a dog.

Those big brown eyes gaze at you, deeply. Your heart leaps. You caress, murmuring sweet nothings. And as those big browns remain fixed on you, the tail wags.

Devoted dog. Besotted owner. That continuous loop of loving reinforcement may begin with the dog’s gaze, according to a new report in Science.

Japanese researchers found that dogs who trained a long gaze on their owners had elevated levels of oxytocin, a hormone produced in the brain that is associated with nurturing and attachment, similar to the feel-good feedback that bolsters bonding between parent and child. After receiving those long gazes, the owners’ levels of oxytocin increased, too.

For the entire story, click HERE!



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Paws on a Mission



MetroWines is proud to host Voluteer Registration set for April 22nd for Paws on a Mission annual Fundraising Walk on Saturday May 9th. Taste 4 wines and sign up to make someone's day!  

Your Shop Dogs, Cate and Bandit

Read about Paws on a Mission HERE!

Asheville Citizen Times "Dogs on a Mission"

ASHEVILLE – When Bruce Schell was dying of gastric cancer, struggling through four years of terminal pain, Misha was there.

When Schell passed, leaving his wife of 12 years, Kay Loveland, to grieve on her own, Misha was there.

Misha helped her get out of bed in the morning; Misha gave her a reason to go outside.

Misha, a 9-year-old Golden Doodle, is a registered therapy dog. She is just one of tens of thousands of animals across the country being used professionally to help humans heal.

"She is a hero to many, and I credit her with saving my life," said Loveland, Misha's owner and a clinical psychologist running a private practice in Asheville.

Entire Story HERE!

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Brigadier General Carl L. Trippi Animal Law Scholarship


The recipient of the 2015 Brigadier General Carl L. Trippi Animal Law Scholarship

at Loyola New Orleans College of Law has been announced.  

JG of Florida has been awared the shcolarship,

one of only two privately funded animal law scholarships in this country,

for her work after Katrina and continued efforts to save and foster small animals in need. 


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Talking Dirty with Jasper?

Word is that Rose's Garden Shop and us, MetroWines, are partnering up to to share a glass of wine, talk about plants, gardening, wine and soil, that is to say, talking dirty over at Rose's Garden Shop at 211 Charlotte Street. Jasper will greet you at the door. You can park at Rose's or in our lot @MetroWines. Come on out on Wednesday, January 28th at 5pm and talk dirty with us!

This is Jasper:


This is the announcement in MountainX by Kat McReynolds HERE!

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Aloft Hotel Lobby Dogs Available for Adoption

Aloft Hotel's "Lobby Dogs" Available for Adoption
At this hotel, guests get welcomed with a wagging tail or a warm lick to the face.

A dog will bound out from behind the registration desk, clad in an "Adopt Me" vest, as visitors arrive at the Aloft hotel in downtown Asheville, believed to be the only hotel in the U.S. where guests can adopt the dog that greets them when they check in.

But the hotel doesn't overwhelm road-weary travelers to this mountain tourist mecca, where people come to tour the nation's largest home, the Biltmore estate; cast a fly-fishing rod; or hoist a beer in what has been dubbed "Beer City USA." There's only one adoptable dog at a time, and it's always on a leash.

The pooches at the Aloft Asheville Downtown hotel are part of an adoption program run by the hotel and Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue. The rescue saves the pets from possible euthanasia at area shelters.

"We feel like we are saving lives," said Christine Kavanagh, Aloft's director of sales.

Hotel and rescue workers hope the program not only becomes permanent but spreads to some of the chain's other locations, too. The Asheville hotel, which also allows guests' pets to stay for free, opened in 2012 and has not received one complaint about allergies, messes or dueling dogs, Kavanagh said.

The adoptable dogs have space set aside at the registration desk, on the roof, third floor and in certain employee areas. They can't stay in guest rooms at night but can go with visitors to the restaurant, bar and other spots if they're on a leash.

"The guests love it. It shows up on guest reviews and consumer surveys," Kavanagh said.

Caren Ferris of Amherst, Massachusetts, and her husband certainly did. The couple were staying nearby when they met a 4-year-old terrier mix named Ginger in the hotel bar and cozied up to the pooch sporting an "Adopt Me" vest.

After a visit, "I got up to leave and told her goodbye. She sat up, looked me in the eye and kissed me on the lips. So I called the shelter, thinking maybe we should adopt the dog," Ferris said.

She and her husband filled out the adoption papers, paid $175 in fees and waited to be approved before they were able to take Ginger home to meet their other dogs.

Charlie's Angels has tough adoption standards, including a home visit. If a potential owner is from another state, the rescue will ask a shelter there to do the check.

The restrictions haven't stopped 14 dogs from finding homes since the program started in July, said Kim Smith, president of Charlie's Angels. The rescue's placements have doubled since the hotel started stationing the dogs.

Jan Trantham and her husband, from Atlanta, adopted a 2-year-old Shih Tzu named Jackson. They fell in love with him when they checked in, she said.

"Every time we went somewhere, one of us would say, 'Let's go back to the hotel and see Jackson.' l couldn't stop thinking about this dog," Trantham said.

It's also a wonderful way for the dogs — and the guests — to socialize, Kavanagh said.

"We have a little playpen by the front desk. At times, there's a crowd around the pen because the dog is a conversation starter," Kavanagh said. "Our hotel draws people together so they can mix and mingle and maybe adopt a dog."

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Full Circle Farm Sanctuary Event


Benefit to support Full Circle Farm Sanctuary. Details TBA. About the organization here: http://fullcirclefarmsanctuary.org/. Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/988024474556330/

Press Release from Full Circle:
December 2, 2014
WHERE: Metro Wines, 169 Charlotte St., Asheville, NC 28801
DATE: January 16, 2015 (Friday)
TIME: 6 – 8 PM
TICKETS: $15 at the door, RSVP Requested

Join us for a magickal evening that will delight the senses and lift the spirit....a midwinter night of fun, delectable vegan hors d'oeuvres, flowing wine, delightful company and enjoyable music featuring Atlanta's jazz/classic country musician, Craig Womack, a virtuoso on the guitar, violin and mandolin, and Asheville's own popular acoustical stylist, Daniel Barber. Some of the delish hors d'oeuvres will feature Treeline Cheese, a most scrumptious vegan artisinal product generously donated by TreeLine as well as mouth-watering appetizers kindly donated by local vegan food company, No Evil Foods!

We're planning a drawing for some coveted prizes (kindly donated byEden-Out Meals, Plant, Earth Fare West Asheville, Natural Foods Market, Black Mountain Natural Foods, Black Mountain Iron Works and many more!), artwork on display and for sale (with a portion of the proceeds from artwork sales going to Full Circle), and a screening of a short video celebrating the incredible life-saving work being done at Full Circle.

By attending this FUNdraiser, you will be helping Full Circle Farm Sanctuary (FCFS) in its continuing work to save abused, neglected and abandoned farmed animals in need. Currently, 47 rescued animals call Full Circle home. FCFS is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which provides a loving lifetime home to abused and neglected farmed animals, including pigs, chickens, goats, ducks, geese, an emu, a llama, guinea fowl, cats, dogs and more.

$15 admission at the door ushers you in for the fun-filled evening, so be sure to mark your calendars and plan to attend.

Please RSVP online under the event listing at www.facebook.com/FullCircleFarmSanctuary or www.FCFSantuary.org or by phoning 828.367.1620.
FCFS is also gratefully accepting donations of items for a prize drawing to take place during the event. Please contact us at info@fcfsanctuary.org or 828.367.1620 if you have item(s) to contribute. Thank you!

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