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Bandit's Birthday


It's me, Your Shop Dog, Bandit. It's my birthday and this is my story.

Just before my 4th birthday, I was being fostered by Greyhounds Only in Chicago. A girl named "Cate" (that's Your Shop Dog Cate) from Washington DC was looking for a friend. Her best buddy, "FourWheels" had just gone over The Rainbow Bridge. So she drove all the way to Chicago in a brand new green Jeep (now the MetroWines Delivery Truck!) to meet me and some other bachelors.

The Greyhound Alliance arranged for 5 eligbible bachelors, none as good looking as me! to bring their best. I was Bachelor #2. We, Cate and me, liked each other right away and within an hour I was riding back to DC in the Jeep. That's me smiling in the back seat in the picture! I think it was my smile that got me the girl. 


So, today, I am having my traditional Birthday Dinner of pesto and shaved meats. That's for me. But for YOU, I have brought in 2 great wines on "Bandit's Bargains" called SMASHBERRY and set the boxes up right at the counter. Look for my smiling face!

SMASHBERRY sells for $14.98 at the winery, for $10.98 at Total Wine,

BUT for $9.99 @MetroWines

until COB on Saturday , June 18th to celebrate my birthday!

That's my story. A lot of greys aren't as lucky as me. I got a home, a job, a girl and a JEEP. If you can help, this is my rescue group, The Greyhound Alliance. Click HERE!

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Berry. Again. Always Berry

We are at this sad date again. You just went to have your teeth cleaned and you never came home. Never came home. You never came home. Most of my heart went with you. 

Berry Hill. Gone on June 11th, 2010 in Washington DC

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Pit Bulls

Helen Keller loved hers. James Thurber too. A new book, "Pit Bull" by Bronwen Dickey, makes the case that the fears about this breed of dog are neither new nor generally well founded. NYT says book is well researched and fact filled.

NYT Review

Shop Dog Comment: We don't know much about Pit Bulls but we do know that breeds are often misunderstood. Take our case for example.

Most people think retired racing greyhounds need to run and run far everyday. Not so. We enjoy a walk like any other dog but our racing days are over. In fact, we are often heard to say: "what part of retired didn't you understand." And we don't, for the most part, jog. We are sprinters. But we do need a fenced yard because if we tear off on a sprint, we are FAST. Greyhounds can run up to 45 miles per hour. No joke. FAST.

We also don't need constant activity. Greyhounds are often called 45 mile an hour couch potatoes. Again, it's that retirement thing! We also don't need a big space. We like to be around YOU but mostly, we are quiet and loving company, lounging.

Find out more about greyhounds through our rescue group in Chicago HERE!

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Ricky Gervais for Greyhounds

Please be aware of this issue and help HOME guys like us if you can.

And thank you Ricky Gervais. You are not just funny. You are genuine!

                                                    Your Shop Dogs,

                                                               Cate and Bandit

Ricky Gervais has called for a ban on the sale of Irish greyhounds to China, saying "every dog sent to Macau will die there".

Entire story HERE!





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The Metropolitan Museum and a Greyhound!

An article by Christine Coulson titled "The Secret History" appeared in The New York Times Magazine on Sunday, April 17th. We are proud to say that of the thousands of painting in The Met, take a look at the one chosen for the article!

The painting is by Anthony van Dyck: Flemish, Antwerp 1599- 1641 London  .

What The Met says about it: 

In 1641 the fourth Duke of Lennox was created first Duke of Richmond by his cousin, Charles I, King of England. Four years earlier he had married Mary Villiers, daughter of the king’s favorite, the Duke of Buckingham. Van Dyck probably painted this majestic portrait shortly after Stuart’s investiture into the Order of the Garter, in November 1633. The silver star, the "Lesser George" medal on a green ribbon, and the garter itself (below the left knee) are the order’s insignia. The greyhound suggests nobility (by alluding to their hunting privileges) and perhaps the virtue of fidelity.

We are so proud. Your Shop Dogs, Cate and Bandit

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