Tres Francais

This is Erte. Look at that greyhound. You know, you really can be too thin!

Anyway, please come to the shop on Wednesday from 5 to 7 pm for French. Your Shop Dog, Cate

This is Erte. 



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What Shop Dogs do on Their Day Off

Sleep! "Sleep is the best meditation." Dalai Lama

This is me and Bandit meditating on our day off.


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Fat Dog Update

Really rainy here but we are excited to tell you that people still came in the shop!  In fact, a nice couple just came in and specifically requested to meet us! They even knew our names. How cool is that? From where we sit, I can see a hole on the shelf where two six packs of Fat Dog have sold.  I forgot to tell you that a really nice lady came in the shop and was so excited to see Fat Dog Oatmeal Stout here. She says she is from Adamstown, the home of Stoudts Fat Dog and there is only one other shop around Asheville that has the Fat Dog. She was pretty happy. Us too. Signed Bandit, Shop Dog. 

PS  This is Fat Dog!


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250 taste 6 wines at Grand Opening

Long night of shop doggin' last night. Over 250 visitors tasted 6 wines at Metro Wines Grand Opening last night! We worked the crowd but good. We made several valiant efforts to reach the 3 Graces Dairy Cheese on the party table but failed. But hope springs eternal! today is clean up and who knows what will happen. Keep you posted. Saw a lot of rose and cava go out the door. Stand by for party pix but for now:


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Welcome Asheville Humane Society!

We are so proud and honored to be part of supporting The Asheville Humane society. If you shop our store on Saturday, 10% of the proceeds of all the sales that day go to support the work at The Asheville Humane Society. Not every dog is as lucky as we were, finding a family and a forever home. So please come and shop. And visit The Asheville Society here:

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Our thoughts and prayers are still with Boston.


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Shelving continues

After a hard day of shelving wine and Fat Dog, Shop Dog Bandit crashes.


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Sign is Up!

We helped put the sign up today on the road!


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Brother Wolf Run Story AC-T

And here is the story about the Brother Wolf Run for The Paws 5K on Sunday. You can support Brother Wolf any day at Metro Wines where we will stock and sell Brother Wolf logo wine and beer glasses with ALL proceeds going to Brother Wolf. Asheville Citizen Times story here:


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Headed to Charlotte

Shop Dogs on the way to the big government building in Charlotte to see the man come from behind the curtain and give Metro Wines all official documents. Stand by for Grand Opening April 27, 2013!


Things got a little crazy with The Shop Dogs on the way back from Charlotte but we are official and will start stocking the shelves ASAP.



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Shop Dogs on their way to work at Metro Wines. Preparing for the parade, details TBA!! and the Grand Opening on April 27th.


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Metro Wines is coming!

We look forward to meeting you at Metro Wines!


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