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From Grove Park to Metro Wines

Preparing the shop for the event tonight with Grove Park Sunset Mountain Neighborhood Association.

Technically, athletically, weather permitingly, we could walk to the shop from our house but noooooooooooooooooo.

Here we are trying:


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Dogs Can Party



Lots of chatter about the closing party for Gary's installation, "More Face Than Head."

Also a lot of excitement about the new "pour" called THE Metro.

Party tonight from 5 to 8! Come on down to the shop.

Your Shop Dogs, Cate and Bandit

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Dogs Can Draw!

Last night was the first session in the series of Drawing Classes at the shop with Gary Byrd.

Hey Gary, we want IN on this!




Articles about dogs drawing and other links here: The Dog Artist

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We had customers from California, Nashville, and South Carolina yesterday. They loved our wine and our prices!! in our shop. Staff let them know that, where allowed, we ship, baby! With the tourist season upon us, we expect to meet more visitors staying at The Grove Park Inn and The Princess Ann and The Chestnut Inn and The Black Walnut Inn and more and more and more...



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Santa Julia Dog!

Julia, as in Santa Julia wines, has a dog!!!! I imagine that Winery Dog is a step up from Wine Shop Dog.  I mean we love our jobs here but, dang, maybe just a summer internship or something. This is from Schiller's Daily International Wine Blog. He was there!

Julia Zuccardi and Ana Rodriguez Armisén 

Julia Zuccardi grew up in the family wine business. She has worked at the winery since 2008 and currently heads up hospitality programs for the winery’s Casa del Visitante tourism division. She has degrees in English teaching and translation and enjoys her role representing Santa Julia and Zuccardi wines around the world. She told me that she was also an avid dog lover. As I have a German shepard, we had a lot to talk about, in addition to wine and food. I got to know her dog, Bono, a Dogo Argentino (Argentinian Mastiff) quite a bit.

The Whole Story is here.



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Truffle Hunting Dogs

Last night at the shop, wines from Piedmont in Italy were featured. From what I hear, the Piedmont is the place to be. Great wine. Great art. Great people. Great countryside. And truffle hunting dogs! Check out this dude working it in the Piedmont.


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Cheesecake Shots

So, on this most Italiano day, what with Caravaggio's "Bacchus" brought to life by Nick Wade at OUR shop,

Your shop dogs have located pictures of dogs in Italian Renaissance Art.

We chose to feature this portrait of Ippolito de Medici painted by Agnolo Bronzino in 1532. 

Ippolito is a good looking guy but check out the hunka hunka brunin' love next to him! Yeah baby.


For more cheesecake shots go here: 

Dogs in Italian Art

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Caravaggio's Dog

Unlike Napoleon, there is fairly good evidence that Caravaggio had a black dog he named "Crow."

Take a look at this text we found. True, just one man's opinion, but we found the same story on many sites, some that people actually respect!

Gary Byrd will probably mostly address the most awesome work of Caravaggio on Wednesday night but we thought we would offer the thought that he, Caravaggio, could not have done it without his faithful companion! I wonder if it is too late to talk Nick Wade who painted the reproduction of "Bacchus" into adding Crow to the scene? Oh well, anyway, Your Shop Dogs on the job rounding out the story:

Caravaggio's paintings were wildly controversial for their stark, bordering-on-indecent naturalism, intense tenebrism and often morally questionable choice of models.

However, they were also hugely successful, attracting admiring patrons (including the influential Cardinal Scipione Borghese, patron of fellow Baroque star Bernini) and young artists alike.

Caravaggio was never able to capitalize on his success, however, for his character and personal life were even darker and more controversial than his paintings. With his unruly black curls and unkempt black beard, the artist was known to wander the streets of Rome dressed in black, accompanied by his black dog, Crow (the bird-harbinger of death), and brandishing swords and daggers at the slightest provocation.

This is Caravaggio painted by Ottavio Leoni, circa 1621.


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Look Into My Eyes

On our day off we setting up the shop with tables and chairs, stocking the shelves with italian wines and working to convince you to come by the shop on Wednesday at 6pm for the BIG, we mean really BIG, Caravaggio event. thinking to try something new. This is another friend of ours from Florida, Rockalot. He does hypnosis. Don't be concerned. He is really really good at it. Here we go:

Look into my eyes.


You are getting sleepy.

You are thinking about Italian wine.

You are thinking about Italian art.

You want both.

You know "Bacchus" by Nick Wade is at Metro Wines.

You resolve to go to Metro Wines On Wednesday at 6.

When you wake up, you will be planning your schedule to attend the Caravaggio presentation at Metro Wines on Wednesday night from 6 to 8pm.

You will enjoy it.

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Brother Wolf Critter Camp

Hi All, Brother Wolf is offering Critter Camp! We are proud to say that we still offer Brother Wolf logo wine and beer glasses, cat or dog, with all sales proceeds going to support programs like this one at Brother Wolf. So shop us!

Best regards, Your Shop Dogs


Brother Wolf to host 'Critter Camp'

ASHEVILLE – Critter Camp, offered beginning in mid June by Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, is a weeklong day camp designed for children who love animals. Age-appropriate activities and field trips teach young people about animal care in a fun, safe, hands-on environment.

Critter Camp will be offered June 17-21 and July 22-26 for grades three-four; June 24-28 and July 29-Aug. 2 for grades five-six; and July 8-12 and Aug. 5-9 for grades seven-eight.

All classes run 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. The fee is $300 per camper, $250 for an additional sibling. Healthy snacks will be provided daily. To register or learn more, call 575-2699 or

Instructing the campers will be Brother Wolf staff, longtime volunteers and guest presenters. Speakers include wildlife rehabilitators, a service dog trainer and representatives from Phoenix Landing bird rescue and Friends 2 Ferals.

In addition to understanding cat and dog behavior, children will learn the value of socializing pets at a young age and will pick up training techniques that can be used with dogs and cats at home and in the adoption center if they choose to volunteer in the future.

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Making Tables

Busy day. Lots of customers and 8 cases of wine went out to a non-profit event. Busy. And we had to construct tables and chairs. Thank you to Sean and Tony for helping the staff to "make tables." In addition to the BIG meeting table and the 4 cafe tables, now we will have 6 more nice, really nice, black tables with 4 chairs each. The place is swinging' We hesitate to say this because it might mean shop doggin' overtime but this really is a great place to have a meeting or a party or a wedding or a campaign event or whatever. And on top of everything, Nick Wade brought his painting of "Bacchus' over today. This is Nick and Bacchus. Come on! Awesome. Come see us all on Wednesday night for wine, history, "Bacchus" and an auction! Have a great Sunday, Your Shop Dogs


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Power of the Purse

The Power of the Purse Luncheon yesterday was a huge hit. Sold out. Room filled. celebrities. BIG grants to worthy organizations supporting women. Women everywhere know the power of the purse. Look at my friend from Florida. She gets it:


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Downward Dog

OK. The Blue Ridge Bicycle Club folks were great. But let's face it, cycling is a little tough for us. But, word is yoga might be coming to the shop! Stretching, relaxing, downward dog, now that's stuff we can do.


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Pedal to the Metal

WOW! Yesterday was really busy. Getting ready for the big event tonight with The Blue Ridge Bicycle Club. Charlie from the Club came by to the shop  about 5pm. Real nice guy. He says he is bringing t-shirts tonight. LOVE t-shirts even if they are a bit difficult to navigate. We support cycling but we can really kick up some dust ourselves. Check out one of our buddies from Florida. This is "Heavy Metal." Pedal to the metal our way! Come out and support Charlie and his work to promote better health and a better environment through cycling.


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Day Off Update

Day Off Update:

All the rage in the shop is about a French grape called Picpoul. We are thinking that Napoleon, whether or not he had a dog, drank Picpoul.

Anyway, sounds like 4 cases will be delivered to the shop today or tomorrow.

That means we have to go shop doggin' on our day off.

But the public demand must be met! The show goes on. 

And the shop was announced on WCQS 88.1 FM this morning. We met Melissa from WCQS. Real nice. 

And this is the Picpoul !!






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Summer Gear

Great article about summer gear in USA Weekend . Our friend here did not get the memo. The point is safety, yes, but also to look cool not crazy!! Anyway, not that we are hinting for gifts or anything but check this out:

Whether you’re into recreational Frisbee with your pup or just leisurely strolls around the block, here’s seasonal gear to help your canine companion stay safe and comfortable:

• Keep your running buddy dry in a water-repellent Muttluks Dog Jog Rainsuit featuring a step-in design and zip closure; available in a variety of colors and sizes. ($40-$80,

• The Kurgo Surf n Turf Coat suits a water dog swimmingly. It features a removable flotation liner, two metal d-rings for leashes and handles for quick control. ($39.99 to $69.99,


• Doggles Protective Eyewear keeps out wind and debris and provides 100% UV protection; with wrap-around frames, fogproof and shatterproof lenses and flexible straps in a selection of sizes. ($29.99,

• A battery-operated dog collar by Pup-Light features three ultra-white LEDs shining light up to 200 feet; fits necks from 8 to 26 inches. ($19.99,

• Help your pooch stay hydrated with this 25-ounce stainless steel water bottle from H204K9 that’s designed to make it easy for him to drink; available in a variety of brilliant colors. ($15.95,


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The Door Knob Principle

This group is riding to our shop on Wednesday for the Bar-b-Que wine tasting!! AWESOME.

Bike riding is down the road, so to speak, for us as we are still working on the confounded door knob principle.

But once we nail that, there is no limit!

Come see us on Wednesday and support The Blue Ridge Bicycle Club. Your Shop Dogs


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Vote for Our Shop!!

Please vote for our shop as Best Wine Shop in the Mountain Xpress Poll.

We love Emily and Samantha and all the great people over at Mountain Xpress.

Please tell them that you love US!

And this is not a bribe but there is a Veggie Madness biscuit as a thank you in it for you.

Thank you for your support. Vote here:



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Meet Here!

Sounds like we are encouraging groups to meet at our shop. who wouldn't want to meet here?

Great art on the walls, big tables, digital TV (with a picture of us rolling through but we digress!),

state of the art sound system, wine by the glass, buy a bottle, chocolate and cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese.

Take a look here:


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Cool and Clear

Today is a beautiful day in Asheville. Right now, it is a cool, clear 57 headed for a high of 70. Perfect.

And tonight, it will look like this:


We love it here!

Asheville Chamber of Commerce

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