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Tuesday, 08 November 2022 14:31

Limoncello Making Class

Ciao Asheville wraps up our 2022 line of events just in time for the holidays. Join us on Sunday, December 11 at 2pm to learn how to make the popular Italian Liqueur, Limoncello. Howard Rampersaud, Food and Wine Traveler in Italy, will present the process pursuant to an authentic Italian recipe garnered from his travels.

Howard will demonstrate the process from start to finish, including bottling this magic elixir and give us shopping and packaging advice, too. Typically made from grain alcohol, Howard will also discuss how to make limoncello from vodka, which has a lower alcohol content. And you’ll get to sample both versions to see which one you like best! You’ll also get to take home a copy of Howard’s recipe.

Sunday, 16 October 2022 08:43


Monday, 26 September 2022 14:08

Olivia Rose

Monday, 26 September 2022 14:07

Dana Simmons

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