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rainy day activities in asheville ncRainy days in Asheville, North Carolina can be just as exciting and rewarding as sunny days. Many locals and visitors often choose to spend rainy days exploring Asheville's cultural attractions, trying new activities, or just spending quality time at a coffee shop or wine bar. 

If you're stuck in a rainy day rut in Asheville, look no further; here are six unique activities to get you through your rainy day!

Fun Rainy Day Activities in Asheville, NC

1. The Art Galleries

First, check out some of Asheville’s renowned art galleries! While you’re browsing the artwork, have a cup of tea and discuss your favorites with your friends. With a variety of paintings, sculptures, photography, and more, the galleries of Asheville have something for everyone.

2. Local Theaters

Second, you can catch a show at one of Asheville’s local theaters. Many theater companies specialize in improvisational and experimental theater or feature some of Asheville’s best comedic and musical talents. It’s a great way to escape the rain while enjoying the arts!

3. Nature Reserves & Parks

Third, you can visit one of Asheville’s many nature reserves and parks. From wide-open meadows to old-growth forests, there is something beautiful and peaceful waiting to be explored. While it may not be everyone’s favorite idea to go hiking on a wet day, you can still explore nature’s beauty and relax in its shelter.

4. Coffee Shops

Fourth, nothing quite captures the beauty of an Asheville rainy day like the cozy comforts of a local coffee shop. From one side of the mountain to the other, Asheville has many cafes that welcome you to enjoy a hot drink and some peaceful moments, no matter the weather.

5. Off Roading

Fifth, explore the nearby mountains with an off-road adventure. You don’t need sunshine to experience Asheville’s hidden gems! You can visit a nearby town, enjoy the scenic view from a mountain ridge, and learn about local folklore. Even in the rain, this area will still surprise and delight you.

6. River Arts District

Sixth, consider exploring the River Arts District, located on the west side of Asheville. This creative enclave offers over 200 working studios and galleries filled with local and international artists. You can spend an entire day marveling at the craftsmanship of this vibrant artistic community.

Metro Wine’s Tasting Room and Wine Shop

On a rainy day, Asheville’s Metro Wines offers an escape from the dreariness outside with its quaint tasting room and inviting wine shop. In the cozy tasting room, you can enjoy sips of robust reds and vibrant whites sourced from some of the world's finest vineyards. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any of your questions, offering insights and flavor profiles of the wines you taste.  

Of course, the experience doesn't end there. After exploring our various tasting options, guests can explore the wine shop that has the perfect selection of bottles for any palate. No matter your tastes, there's a bottle at Metro Wines waiting for you to take home.

So whether you need a warm, cozy atmosphere on a rainy day or just an incredible selection of wines, Metro Wines has you covered. Come join us at our tasting room, or contact us for more information on our wines.