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how to chill wine fastWhat should you do if you need some cold sparkling wine right now, but all of your bottles are at room temperature? If you've ever been in this situation, you'll understand why knowing how to chill wine quickly is essential. 

You can't put ice in your glass because it will dilute the wine. And you can't just put the bottle in the freezer because it will likely explode. Fortunately, there are quick and easy ways to get an ice-cold glass of wine.

5 Ways to Chill Wine Fast

1. Submerge Wine Bottle in a Bucket Filled with Ice Water & Salt

Make an ice bucket for your bottle and add salt. Salt lowers the freezing point of water, allowing your wine to chill faster.

2. Use Frozen Grapes in Your Wine Glass

Frozen grapes are not only a delicious snack, but they are also an excellent way to chill wine. Drop your frozen grapes into your glass. They'll act like ice cubes, but you won't get watered-down wine.

3. Wrap Wine Bottle in a Damp Towel

Wrap a damp towel around the bottle and place it in the freezer to chill. The damp towel will quickly freeze, and as a result of the frozen towel, the wine will chill in half the time it normally would. 

When you take the bottle out of the freezer, the towel may become stuck to it. Simply run it under warm water to fix it, and the towel will slide right off.

4. Cork Your Wine Bottle with a Corksicle

A stainless steel Corksicle reaches all the way to the bottom of your bottle, quickly chilling it all the way through. Replace the wine cork with Corksicle, and you'll have ice-cold wine in no time. 

The best part is that you don't even have to uncork it. The Corksicle has a pour spout that allows you to pour even while it's inside the bottle. 

5. Consider a Wine Fridge for the Future

These quick solutions above can help chill your wine. However, if you want to avoid this problem in the future and keep your wine at the optimal temperature, consider purchasing a wine fridge. 

Wine fridges are a great investment if you frequently entertain guests, have a large wine collection, and they are energy efficient.

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